Are There Benefits to Remote Work?

Remote work has drastically increased in recent years. According to a study conducted by FlexJobs based off data from the American Community Survey (ACS), remote work has grown by 44% in the past 5 years and a whopping 159% over the last 12 years. This staggering trend seems like it’s on the up and up and the number of remote workers will keep increasing over time.

Though the tech industry is using remote work prevalently, this trend isn’t confined to just one industry; from customer service to healthcare, more and more fields are utilizing remote work.

“We seem to be in a very disruptive world filled with change.  Artificial intelligence is everywhere and one of the biggest reasons why working remotely is even an option! Technology is smarter and so is the workforce—that is new to the business world. There is a war for talent so consider a remote work environment and embrace change!” says Sharon Tsao, CMO of Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

There are multiple reasons a company would opt to have remote workers, whether the employees work remotely full-time, routinely, or every so often.

Benefits of remote work for employers include:

A Larger Talent Pool

  • When a company is looking to hire employees, location is a factor for determining eligible candidates. Since employees will have to commute to the office, eligible candidates must live a reasonable distance from the workplace. However, by eliminating location from the equation, you will increase the amount of eligible candidates, and, with the power of technology and easy-to-use tools like Skype and Microsoft Teams, you’ll still be able manage your team regardless of where they are working.

Reducing Overhead (and Helping the Environment!)

  • By having less employees in a physical location, a company will reduce how much it spends on the office (in water, electricity, food/drinks, office supplies, etc.) A company could also opt to decrease the size of their office if they have more remote workers, or not have an office at all! By using less energy and producing less waste, the company is going greener! Since employees would commute less or not commute at all, car emissions would decrease as well, helping the environment.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

  • Remote work is a huge perk to job seekers. For numerous reasons, people are looking for a job/company that is flexible, whether it be to take care of their family and spend time with their children, to travel, to pursue other academic or professional endeavors, or what have you. By offering a flexible remote option, potential employees may be more inclined to work for your company and, if employed, stay because they are happy in their position and with the arrangement.

With these benefits in mind, hiring remote workers is worth a try! Capitalize on tech that allows face-to-face communication and the new WeWork environments to bring teams together and spend time collaborating. Remote workers are effective when they possess personal accountability and are able to appropriately manage their time and duties. One of the most common trends in culture these days is called “Trust and Deliver,” meaning the accountability of self is driving profits—if you know you hired great remote workers, their contributions will only benefit your company.

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