How Utilizing Cloud Technology Will Help Your Business

Gone are the days of strictly using external hard drives: we are now in the golden age of cloud technology with multiple reliable cloud technologies to choose from!

Currently, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the number one provider of cloud services in the world, with many big-time clients utilizing their services, such as BP, Capital One, and GE, to name a few. Cloud computing is a large market though, with approximately 200+ providers. Google, IBM, Adobe, and Microsoft also compete in the cloud services space, but by far, Salesforce is a behemoth when it comes to being a cloud technology provider amongst businesses, heralded as “the world’s #1 CRM platform.” Salesforce offers a variety of cloud services for all industries and business units, such as their Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Commerce Cloud, and Einstein Artificial Intelligence, just to name a few.

“CSS marketing is thrilled to join the Pardot solution and is implementing Salesforce Pardot now!  We are committed to Artificial Intelligence that will provide that competitive advantage in our market place.  CSS Tec is handing the implementation and we highly recommend Chuck George and his team!” says, Sharon Tsao, CMO, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

Real cloud environments are accessed solely online or through an internal network and embrace all internet browsers (though a certain browser may be best suited). Private clouds, which are exclusive cloud computing services only offered to select users, provide a more secure network than public clouds, and are being picked up by businesses who favor cyber security (many accounting systems operate as private clouds). The most efficient cloud technologies integrate to businesses existing websites and CRMs to allow companies to get the most out of their purchase.

No matter your needs or your budget, the variety of options for cloud computing makes now the best time to start utilizing cloud technology to optimize your business. Not convinced yet? Read on!

Cost Effective

As mentioned, the myriad of different cloud technologies is a great thing for consumers. While AWS may be an extraordinary product, it may be too expensive for a small to mid-size company. However, you can always opt for a more reasonable option, or, even better, free! Google offers several cloud services at the low price of free that you may already be using, such as Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Google Docs. Browser extensions, which are typically free, are also effective tools for employees.

Automate Processes

When it comes to increasing efficiency, the best thing to do is decrease the time it takes to do things. With cloud technology, entire projects and workloads can be taken off of desks: for instance, by replacing manual email campaigns with automated email marketing processes, Marketing Specialists can instead focus their time and attention on writing captivating press releases. As previously mentioned, browser extensions are cost effective, but are also great at optimizing business processes. By simply adding an extension to Chrome, you can automate things, such as finding contact information, almost instantly as opposed to manually searching for it.

Effectively Work from Home

As mentioned before, cloud technology exists almost exclusively on the internet—which is a huge plus for modern day businesses. Remote work and a steady work/life balance has become a growing perk amongst job-seekers. Whether a job is a 100% remote or has occasional work-at-home days, cloud services allow an employee/team to stay connected to the office while away. This even allows employers to hire amazing candidates with the perfect skillset for their business, even if they live too far away to physically come into the office.

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