Your Key to Retention: What Millennials and Gen Z’s are Looking For

Since 2015, Millennials have made up more than half of the working population of the US. That same year, Generation Z began to move into the workforce as well, and these young workers are changing the way business gets done. Employers who want to hire and retain young talent must understand some important things about these generations so they can create a culture and an environment where both Millennials and Gen Z’s will thrive.

“If you want to hire and retain strong Millennials and Gen Z’s, then your technology needs to fun and advanced.  The Millennials and Gen Z’s love technology, they expect it to be very impactful on their daily production!” says Mike Reynolds, Account Executive, CSS Tec, a Contemporary Staffing Solutions Business Unit.

Definition:  Who Are Millennials and Generation Z?

Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996 and they have had a major impact on corporate cultures across the country. More than any other generation they demanded mobility, flexibility, connectivity and they challenged the traditional corporate top-down hierarchy.

Generation Z was born after 1996 and are the most connected generation to even enter the workplace. They are used to sharing every aspect of their lives on social media, they are reliant on instantaneous and frequent feedback and tend to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

How To Attract And Retain Young Tech Talent

Young tech talent is important to any team. Young people bring new ideas and perspectives to the table, they tend to be on the cutting edge of new trends, and they can be trained to your organization’s way of doing things. However, retaining young people is a challenge. They are just getting their footing in the workforce, their goals may not be clearly defined and they are often easily lured away by new opportunities. Use these strategies to retain Millennials and Generation Z tech talent:

  • Understand their financial pressures: Wages have been stagnant for over ten years but the cost of healthcare and college tuition is on the rise. Young workers are seeking out higher salaries for financial stability; Gen Z even more so than Millennials. Savvy companies are also offering student loan assistance to help provide young tech talent with peace of mind while locking in talented employees for at least five years.
  • Recognition: Both Millennials and Gen Z-ers are looking for recognition and a chance to make an impact in the organization. Managers must be willing to provide constant feedback and they must be willing to reward young workers for their contributions. Those rewards can be monetary bonuses, or even recognition in team meetings or weekly newsletters for a job well done.
  • Opportunity for Growth: Young workers are motivated to leave an organization if a new opportunity arises that pays them better, challenges them and provides them with a chance to take a step up. Organizations that want to retain young people need to provide a clear path for development, they must provide opportunities for young workers to grow and they must promote from within so it is clear to new employees that the company practices what it preaches in terms of growth potential.
  • Work-life Balance: Balance is a priority for all young workers, and that can be achieved through flexible scheduling and remote work opportunities. Remember, these young people grew up connected to the internet and they know that work can happen from anywhere.

Young tech talent knows what tools are available in the market, they know the direction their industry is headed in, and they are on top of trends. If you work with outdated technologies or rely on old processes, you can’t attract young talent. They don’t necessarily have to work on the most exciting projects, but they do demand the best technology that will make them more efficient and effective on the job.

If you are looking for more ways to attract and retain Millennial and Generation Z tech talent, contact the IT recruiting experts at CSS  today. We are industry leaders with a proven track record of helping clients identify and attract young tech pros with growth potential. Reach out to CSS today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your IT hiring goals.