Why Developers are Afraid of Being Replaced by Artificial Intelligence

Long hours, tight deadlines and tough market competition keep developers under immense pressure on the job.  According to a recent survey by Evans Data Corp., developers’ stress comes from more than just coding, however. 550 software developers participated in the study, and one out of every three respondents said that their biggest fear is that they will be replaced by artificial intelligence.


Are Robots Really A Threat To Developers?

This fear might seem a bit exaggerated, but the anxiety developers feel about AI is not unfounded. An Oxford University study  on computerization’s impact on jobs recently sounded the alarm that the work of software engineers could be taken over by robots in the near future. Thanks to advances in machine learning, algorithms are now able to optimize design.  Furthermore, the study noted that systems can detect bugs, “with a reliability that humans are unlikely to match.” Going even further, there is great potential for algorithms to write programs with only a few input specifications by humans. Ostensibly, someone could simply “tell” the system what type of program it wants, and the bots will deliver.


How To Battle The Bots

Developers have long been in a struggle against the advancement of technology. Trends often outpace an individual’s skills and abilities. However, advancements in AI should not discourage people from becoming developers or staying in the field. It should, however, serve as a warning that it is critical for developers to stay out in front of the latest trends and practices.


Developers who want to stay ahead of AI and remain relevant in the field should continually be developing new skills. While new certifications and formal training are important, there are things developers can do in their free time to stay sharp:

  • Open source: Open source communities are a great place to build and hone skills and to get a line on new trends in the field. They also afford developers the chance to work on passion projects, network with other professionals and enhance their resumes.
  • Break free of frameworks: Frameworks solve difficult problems so the developer can stay focused on other things – a necessary luxury when a project is under the gun. However, “framework addiction” can lead developers away from problem solving and creative thinking.
  • Reinvent the wheel: Developers often look at a product or app and think, “I could have done a better job.” Why not give it a shot? It will keep coding skills sharp.
  • Redesign your own solutions: Developers also look at their past work and think, “If I could go back and do that again, I’d make changes.” Learning from and improving upon past work can help improve future solutions.

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