Why You’re Harming Your Business By Not Using a CRM

Who needs a CRM system, right? They are expensive and they don’t do anything your team can’t do. Wrong. CRMs are no longer a luxury for the richest enterprises. They are a must-have for any business that markets and sells to customers. If you’ve been holding out on investing in a CRM, you could be harming your business.

Follow-Up Falling Through The Cracks

Relying on your team members to know when to follow up with a prospect or client is a nice vote of confidence, but it is a misguided vote. Leads need to be followed up systematically, and the timing needs to be perfect. Modern CRMs can calculate precise timing for follow up, send alerts to the reps to let them know it’s time, and ultimately, close more deals.

Too Much Time On Mundane Tasks

Time, as they say, is money. When your staff must spend time digging around for customer data or when they must write out every single email that gets sent to a prospect or customer, it wastes time. CRMs can generate automated email responses, automate tasks and provide customer data with a few clicks, increasing efficiencies.

Lack of Continuity

Do you know exactly what your sales reps, marketing pros and customer service agents are saying in emails to customers and prospects? Do you know if they are actually using brand-approved logos and images? With a CRM, you can ensure that every message that leaves your company server adheres to brand standards and ensures continuity.

Inaccurate Forecasting

Forecasting is critical for business success. If you are relying on reps and sales managers to forecast based on their own input, you’re probably not forecasting accurately. When you use a CRM, you know exactly what a deal’s probability of closing is, and you can forecast much more accurately and objectively.

Departmental Clashes

Do you find that sales, marketing and customer service often seemed locked in an epic battle? Marketing blames sales for not following up. Sales blames marketing for not passing on leads. And customer service blames everyone for not providing enough customer data to help them assist angry callers. With a CRM, customer data is centralized from the time a lead is entered into the system, and everyone can access the information they need, when they need it.

Inability To Identify Problems In Your Processes

Do you know where the potential problems are in your process? Can you identify if you’re losing the most prospects at specific points in the sales cycle? With a CRM, you can easily identify problems in your process, see where your sales reps may be struggling, and identify other potential problem patterns and correct them quickly.

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