Why The Best IT Leaders Are Engineers



Effective IT leaders are absolutely crucial for success, but nearly every hiring manager knows that talented, effective leaders can be difficult to find. However, there are people you know – maybe even some on your staff- who possess critical skills necessary to succeed in IT leadership. Who are these potential leaders? Technology engineers.


Engineers Are Always Looking Ahead

It is an engineer’s job to always be thinking about the future and helping the organization stay ahead of industry trends. This forward-thinking ability is essential for leadership positions in today’s hyper-competitive market. As an engineer makes decisions, they will always consider whether or not an initiative will be resilient, if and how it will scale, and how well it integrates with existing systems.  New leaders from other disciplines can be taught to think this way, but engineers come to the table already “programmed” think about the future.


Successful Engineers Can Spot Successful Talent

One of the biggest challenges facing hiring teams is identifying candidates who have the right mix of skills to succeed in a position.  Successful, seasoned engineers understand the skills it takes to thrive. They are more likely to use innovative and non-traditional platforms to seek out talent and they will be able to examine test projects to evaluate just how a candidate approaches a problem and how accurate they are in their work.


Because they have been in the trenches, engineers can spot nuances that unseasoned tech hiring managers may not spot, helping to ensure that your ideal candidate doesn’t get rejected too soon. They will be able to look at a candidate’s resume and body of work and say, “This person is ideal, even though they are not an expert in this particular skill. I can see, however, that she taught herself these other six skills, so clearly she’s a fast learner and that makes her a valuable addition to the team.”


Engineers Attract Talent

Talented people are typically driven, and they want to grow their career over time. When interested candidates see that you put engineers into leadership positions, it says that you value the important work that they do and you do not pigeonhole engineers into one specific category. These candidates will see that there are opportunities to grow with your organization, and will be more likely to apply.


It Takes Talent To Find Talent

The war for IT talent – including leadership – is tough. Internal teams are stretched thin and lack the time and resources required to find, attract and retain the best and brightest. If you are looking to improve your IT hiring processes, partner with a team that has a demonstrated track record of success. CSS is a market leader with a tested and proven process for connecting you with the technology talent you need to achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn how we can help you build your dream IT team.