Why Millennials Will Boost Their Careers With Mainframe Skills

Roughly 10,000 baby boomers retire every day, according to a report from the Social Security Administration, and they’re taking valuable mainframe skills with them. The vast majority of companies have shifted to the cloud or other relevant technologies, but mainframe is still the best option for large batch systems. Consequently, banks, insurance companies, credit cards, and anyone else with transactions of this type face a major skills deficit.

Bridging the Gap

Largely a skill of the past, most colleges and universities no longer offer mainframe programs. The oldest millennials graduated college in the early 2000s, and their computer science courses were focused on emerging technologies, instead of those stuck in the past. Even when a school does offer a mainframe program, those who complete it still don’t walk away with a skill level even close to their baby boomer counterparts.

Therefore, companies that need to hold onto these skills are focused on hiring talented millennials now and having them train with the baby boomers they’ll ultimately replace. To identify the right fit, hiring managers focus on those already adept at languages like Java and HTML, who also serve as a strong cultural fit. This is a major investment, so the right new hire must have the potential to stay with the company for the long haul.

Making an Impact With Mainframe

Many millennial computer science grads finish college and hope to find work at a startup or a tech giant like Google, but this isn’t the only way to become an innovator. Landing a job of this nature is challenging at best, but those willing to explore mainframe have an opportunity to develop a valuable niche. Mainframe pay is highly competitive, the experience looks great on a resume, and the work is truly interesting.

“Don’t forget legacy systems.  Young people entering the workforce are infinitely more employable if they possess the ability and desire to learn both new and old skills!” says Brendan Coghlan, CSS Tec Managing Director.

The key to attracting mainframe talent is to sell the job as an opportunity for a very bright future. The IT recruiting experts at CSS are industry leaders with a proven track record of helping clients identify and attract tech pros with growth potential. Reach out to CSS today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your long-term strategic IT hiring goals.