Why Giving Back is an Important Marketing Strategy

Research has shown a direct correlation between volunteering and improved individual health. Giving back is also good for company health, too. Research shows nearly 85 percent of consumers favor business that supports a cause they care about. When your company gives back, it generates opportunities to connect with customers and potential customers on a deeper level and strengthens your existing marketing strategy.


Authenticity is the Key To Success

You cannot get involved with a cause or charity simply because you think it will generate dollars or because it’s the hot new cause creating buzz. Authenticity is the key to making real connections in the market. You must support organizations that you believe in and whose mission aligns with your company mission and values. It makes sense, for example, for pet food companies to support animal rescue organizations or hardware store chains to support Habitat for Humanity. Inauthentic support of a group or organization will be obvious to your customers and will have the opposite impact you’re aiming for.


How Authentic Giving Impacts Your Marketing Strategy

Giving back for the right reasons creates a veritable snowball effect of great marketing. Some of the benefits of authentic giving include:

  • Increased visibility: People take notice when a business gives back. It spreads through media coverage, social media and word of mouth – all very effective and free means of generating visibility for the company and the charities you support.
  • Local giving strengthens the market: When you support local organizations that operate in your community, you invest in local infrastructure. Community members will remember that as their buying power increases.
  • connectionsCreates strong connections with customers: If your firm works closely with a local organization, you will be working alongside members of the community. Those community members – and potential customers – will see that your firm cares deeply about the same things they care about and they will want to learn more about your business, products and services.
  • Strengthen brand awareness: When your organization is consistently mentioned in conjunction with organizations making a difference, it reinforces your commitment to giving back while strengthening brand awareness.
  • Improves search results: News stories rank high in search results, and when your organization receives press coverage for giving back, those stories will be the first thing people see when they research you online.

Giving Back Improves Employee Engagement

Employees want to work for companies that care about more than just their bottom line. They want to know that their employer cares about the community and the world around them, and strong corporate social responsibility can generate high morale and engagement among your team.


Happy employees are productive employees, and they also become brand advocates. When job seekers see that your workforce is proud of their employer, they will want to work for you, as well. A commitment to giving back will help your firm retain talent and attract new talent from the market.


Great marketing strategies aren’t created overnight, and giving back is only one piece of the puzzle. If your company wants to maximize marketing opportunities that generate true ROI, you need to know where to find marketing talent who can drive business success. If your company is looking to attract the best and brightest marketers, contact the sales and marketing recruiting experts at CSS ProSearch today to learn more about improving your recruiting process to attract marketing rock stars.