Why Contract Employees are the Future of Tech Employment

The tech sector has relied on contractors for many years, but do you know just how heavily companies lean on these subject matter experts? Contractors are integral to the success of many leading firms. In fact, it might surprise you to learn that Microsoft employs almost two-thirds as many contractors as they do full-time employees and startups have doubled their reliance on contractors since the early 2000’s.  Contractors are the future of tech employment, and they may be your key to success.


Contract Employees Close The Skill Gap

Technology was once a utility function of an organization, but today it is a driver of business goals. As technology advances and companies discover a growing need for security, mobility and big data, the demand for skilled professionals is fast outpacing the supply in the market. Schools are not producing enough experienced graduates to fill the gap, so companies turn to contractors to close the gaps on a short-term basis and access the precise skills they need.


The Changing Demand Of Skilled IT Pros

Anyone attempting to hire skilled, full-time tech talent knows that the pool can be quite shallow. So where are the talented professionals hiding, exactly? In plain sight. Top talent understands that their skills are in high demand and they choose to leave full-time positions in favor of the perks they get from contracts. They are exposed to a variety of projects, they get to work with new companies all the time, and they can schedule their projects around their personal schedules.  The work-life balance that is achievable through contracting is a big draw for many professionals. Bringing in contractors is often the best chance many companies have of staffing their projects with the best talent in the market.


Maintaining Core Focus

The types of IT contractors a company hires varies depending upon the ways in which they utilize their core staff. In some cases, the organization wishes to keep their IT team focused on utility functions, while taking advantage of contractors to test and roll out strategic initiatives. Other companies want their core team focused on strategy, and rely on contractors for utility functions. Regardless of unique organizational preferences, the strategic use of contractors can help an organization active its goals in a cost-effective and efficient manner.


You Must Take The Right Approach

Contractors can help you achieve success, but they can also lead you down the road to disaster if you don’t take the right approach.  If you are new to this strategy, you will want to have someone on your team that understands how to attract and hire talented contractors who will add value to your team.  The IT experts at CSS can connect you with tech professionals who possess the skills you need to advance your technology initiatives while controlling costs. Contact us today to learn how contractors can propel your IT team – and your organization – into the future.