Which Colors Earn The Most Green? The Psychology of Color

Sales is as much about psychology as it is technique and personality.  Color has a powerful influence on the human psyche, and the colors you choose to wear and use in your presentation materials can have a significant impact on success.  Color stimulates the senses and people attach very specific meaning to different colors. Here is your crash course in color psychology to help your sales reps prepare for more effective presentations.

Orange: Grab Attention

Orange is a high-energy color that stands out in any pallet. It evokes a sense of fun, while at the same time demonstrating power.  Consider the amount of orange used in professional sports team logos.  Orange can draw they eye somewhere important on a brochure, website, PowerPoint presentation or other sales material, as long as it’s used in moderation.

Red: The Classic Power Color

Red conveys power, but it is also warm and tasteful.  Red can boost the rep’s confidence and it can boost prospects’ confidence in your company and products.  Red can also be a useful way to draw attention to specific facts, figures, or points in a presentation. According to a study published in the journal Emotion, people react faster and more forcefully when they see the color red. This is why most “Sale” and “Clearance” signs in retail stores are red.

Green: Harmony And Safety

Green can be neutral or bold, depending upon the shade. Dark green is often associated with wealth, and medium greens are associated with nature. Green helps people relax, though you don’t want to overdo it, either in wardrobe or presentations.

Blue: Professional And Trustworthy

Blue is a trustworthy color. It suggests stability and professionalism, and evokes a sense of trust.  When wearing blue to a meeting or using blue in a presentation, remember that the tone of the color matters. Dark blues are more professional and formal, but lighter blues are more relaxing.

Purple: The Royal Color

Purple is almost always associated with royalty and demonstrates quality, sophistication and power. Just take care to use it in moderation and choose the tone wisely. Light purples are less serious and less regal than deep purples.

Yellow: Youthful Energy

Did you know that the eye sees yellow before any other color? The strategic use of yellow in wardrobe and presentation materials can evoke a sense of energy, youth, joy and optimism. If your company’s brand personality is energetic, be sure to work yellow into presentations.

Scratching The Surface

Color can help set a mood and influence potential buyers, and these explanations merely scratch the surface of the fascinating field of color theory. However, color isn’t the only way to build trust and move prospects through the buyer’s journey. Only talented salespeople can do that.

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