When Your New Job Isn’t For You – an Emotional Intelligence Test!

Starting a new job can be extremely exciting. You’ve worked hard to land the job, and you start your first day ready to make real contributions. But what happens when you start your new job and you find out that the position isn’t what was described to you or that the organization isn’t a good fit? These situations can be frustrating and even a bit embarrassing, and it can be difficult to know what to do when the job doesn’t match your expectations. If you are realizing that your new job isn’t for you, use these strategies to cope.

“You worked hard for that degree! You know you’re smart and can really make an impact! Stay humble and flexible to prove you want to earn the next project to show your talents. Integrating any new hire at any company can be challenging, especially if some unexpected situations have just surfaced. Seek to understand the current environment and bring the highest level of emotional intelligence to stick to the big picture and adjust to what the business needs. Time tells everything and you will learn a lot about yourself in this environment.” says Maria McMahon, Human Resource Manager, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

Don’t Make Any Hasty Moves

If your first few days are not what you expected, don’t make any hasty decisions. It is possible that your new boss could be having an off week or someone in HR may have overlooked key scheduling components of your orientation. Stay calm, try to make the best of the situation and put your best foot forward. It can take a year to really feel acclimated to a new job, so do yourself a favor and withhold judgment while you put forth a good effort for at least a few weeks.

Talk To Your New Boss

If you’ve stuck it out for a few weeks and the role is completely different from what you interviewed for, it’s worthwhile to talk to your boss. Ask for a formal meeting at his or her earliest convenience and send a calendar invitation so you don’t get blown off. Then, prepare by sitting down with the job description you were given and make a list of what you’re actually doing so you have specific examples to cite.

Be professional and avoid sounding hostile or accusatory. Make it clear that you are just trying to understand the actual role because it differs from what was discussed in your interviews. With any luck, you can get things straightened out. However, if your boss seems to dismiss your concerns, it might be time to consider your options.

Make A Plan

If you do have to leave your new job, sit down and make a plan. The good news is that you will not have lost too much momentum from your last search. Just be prepared to answer questions about why you are leaving your new job so soon. You never want to badmouth an employer, even if you feel you were drawn in with a bait-and-switch. Be honest and concise, saying that the role just isn’t a good fit.

This time around, make sure that you are thorough in your research before accepting an offer. Ask very specific questions about the company culture and turnover rate and study reviews on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor to see how other people like working for the organization.

Work With A Professional Recruiter

Finding a job that is truly a good fit isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s why it pays to work with an experienced recruiter that knows how to match job seekers and employers for long-term fit. A good recruiter will work closely with you to help ensure that this time around, saying “yes” to an offer isn’t a mistake.

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