When and How to Follow Up After a Job Interview

There is one question that comes up continually for job seekers – when should you follow up after you’ve had a job interview. Too soon and you’ll end up looking overeager, too late and the hiring manager may not think you’re that interested in the job. Follow-ups are very important and should never be overlooked, you just need to make sure that your timing is right.

In addition to actually doing the follow-up after an interview, it’s also important to understand “how” to do the follow-up. Finding just the right words will not only put you at ease, but it will also help increase your odds of having a successful follow-up.

Let’s look at the first question – when. The first step is a personal letter that should be sent immediately after the job interview. This can be done with an email or a regular letter, but you’ll probably get bonus points for sending an actual letter. This first follow-up should be cordial and should include a thank you for the interviewer’s time.

After you’ve sent the letter, wait approximately a week and make your first call. Make sure you get the actual person you interviewed with. This will not only cut down on confusion, but it will help solidify the relationship you started building at the interview.

Greet the interviewer, thank them again and then let them know the purpose of your call. If you’ve had any exciting changes in your life that are pertinent to the job, this is a great time to mention them. Remind them subtly of your accomplishments. If the decision has not yet made, politely ask for a time-frame. You don’t need to be in limbo waiting to hear on a job that will never materialize.

Being politely persistent is the best way to handle your follow-ups. Remember to keep a log of all of your interviews, your follow-up calls and the results you get. This will help you manage your job search more effectively and help you keep track of when your next follow-up should occur.