What Makes an MSP Stand Out Amongst its Competitors

When you’re trying to choose an MSP, it’s wise to compare the pros and cons of each. What sets each one apart from the competition? What is unique about the services each one provides? It should be obvious to you why you should do business with that firm. Here are some features to look for when deciding which MSPs will work best for you:

One That Caters to a Specific Industry or Industries

If you choose to outsource, you’ll want to work with a company that can give you the service that fits your needs perfectly. If an MSP only offers generic or limited services, they might not fill the bill for you. A firm that offers niche services or specializes in a niche industry can offer you a competitive advantage. One of your first questions about an MSP should be about what types of business they’re best at working with.

One That Offers a Wider Variety of Services

Evaluate the range of services that an MSP offers. You may start out only wanting or needing a couple of items off their service menu, then deciding later that you’d like them to do more. For example, some MSPs offer print services, BYOD or mobile device services. They provide cloud backup solutions in addition to managing on-site backups. They augment disaster recovery offerings by providing full-on business continuity services. It’s always a good sign when they come to you with a well-thought-out list of what additional services they feel you can benefit from.

One That Can Show You Their Value

Price isn’t the only consideration when choosing an MSP. You want to see value for your money, right? Don’t choose one just because their prices are low. You don’t want an MSP that’s cutting corners in order to offer the cheapest price; you want one that provides high-quality service for a reasonable price.

It may take time to research and determine these differentiating factors, but looking for them should help one firm stand out and make your decision easier. And if you have any further questions about how to choose an MSP, contact us today.