What Makes A Great Call Center Manager?

Your call center management job descriptions probably hit on things like metrics, strategic planning and delegation. However, great call center managers are more than their metrics. Effective managers need to have a robust set of skills and qualities to effectively lead their teams to reach beyond their goals. If you’re in the market for managers, here are some qualities and skills to look for in your candidate search.

“Call Center Managers are everywhere, but the great ones really stand out. They are extremely organized, know how to do the job well, focus on quality calls, and create leaders within their teams to scale the accountability!” says Alyssa Mahoney, Sr Recruiter, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

Excellent Motivation Skills

Call center agents have a tough job. They spend a lot of time dealing with gruff and unhappy people and that can take a serious toll on motivation. Great call center managers have strategies to keep their team focused and motivated under pressure.  Look for managers who talk about the importance of incentive programs, productivity tools, and stress management strategies like helping agents maximize breaks, rotating their tasks, etc. Managers who don’t motivate will have trouble keeping talented agents on staff.

A Strong Understanding Of Technology

The right tools help call center agents do their jobs accurately and efficiently. Strong managers are very familiar with the best technology. Your center may or may not utilize every flashy new tool, but it pays to have managers on staff who can make strong recommendations and who are able to help agents make the most of the tools they do have available.

A Willingness to Get In The Trenches

Call center volume and workflow can be somewhat predictable, but everyone who works in the customer service industry knows that you can’t plan for everything. Good call center managers are willing and able to grab a headset and help their team whenever it’s necessary. This quality isn’t just important for dealing with volume, it’s also important for keeping their own skills sharp and building respect among the workforce. Agents that see their boss is willing to step up and help will be more apt to put their own best foot forward.

Coaching Ability

Even the most talented agents on staff can struggle from time to time. Strong managers are able to coach struggling agents through both changes and rough times. Ask candidates how they handle agents who suddenly seem to miss their targets or who struggle with new procedures and technology.  While discipline may sometimes be required, proactive coaching and support should always be their first tactic.

If you are looking for talented call center managers for your center, the expert recruiters at Contemporary Staffing Solutions are ready to help. We specialize in connecting call centers with fully-vetted, highly-skilled and engaged talent at all levels.  Contact CSS today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals. Call Center and Office is the niche that started Contemporary Staffing back in 1994!

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