What Is Keeping HR Up At Night?

human resourcesAccording to research by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), there are some big issues weighing heavily on the minds of HR professionals across the United States.  What are these issues, and how can human resources teams set their minds at ease?


Tough Competition for Top Talent

The end of the recession was good news for most US companies, but the labor market is improving at a time when the demand for highly-skilled and well-educated workers is also rising. There is a documented skills gap in many fields, and that gap is driving salaries upward. To combat the growing war for skilled talent, HR teams must help their organizations realize the importance of building a strong employer brand. Focusing on company culture, corporate social responsibility, non-traditional benefits and a people-first attitude and more can make your organization attractive to talented candidates.


The Rising Virtual Workforce

There are new technologies arising every day that make it possible for companies to build a geographically dispersed workforce. That means learning how to re-adjust talent acquisition strategies outside the local market and adopting technologies that make a virtual workforce productive and efficient.  HR professionals must educate themselves on tools like virtual talent networks, crowdsourcing and blind auditions, and they must secure the resources to ensure that the right technologies are in place to support remote employees.


Demographic Shifts

Baby Boomers are retiring and Millennials are, in many ways, the polar opposite of their older counterparts.  The rise of the younger generation can cause conflict or strife in the workforce and barriers to talent acquisition if an organization is not prepared for the rise of Generation Y. HR teams can step up and take the lead in educating management and leadership on the way Millennials approach “work” and the benefits of adjusting ever-so-slightly to their style.


The Rise of Big Data

Big data is now the driver of decisions in every department, including HR. There is a real opportunity to improve hiring, retention and development strategies through the use of data, but this also puts HR teams under immense pressure to learn new skills and invest in new technologies. Savvy HR pros will get out ahead of the big data push – if their organization hasn’t adopted it already – and learn the skills necessary to begin making data-driven decisions.


Changes like these can cause even the most seasoned HR professional some anxiety. However, taking steps to get out ahead of these shifting trends can keep you and your team at the forefront of change and will give you the space and the resources to turn these uncertainties into real opportunities.


Navigating the future means having the right HR team members in place to help drive change. Reach out to the HR recruiting experts at Contemporary Staffing Solutions to discuss your goals, and we will help you develop a strategy that will ensure you get there. To learn more, contact CSS today.