What is Google Doing to Disrupt How a Candidate Finds Jobs and Gets Hired?

Nobody understands search quite like Google. Most of us have had an experience where we type one word into the query bar and find our exact search pop up in the suggestion box. It can feel a bit eerie, but Google is the world’s most popular search engine precisely because of its ability to provide exactly what searchers are looking for. Now, Google has taken this expertise to the world of job hunting.

“Contemporary Staffing Solutions wants to be at the top of a candidate job search and drive you directly to our career site, so you can see hundreds of current job openings! We are embracing and responding to all of the changes at Google!” says Sharon Tsao, CMO, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

Google Jobs Aims to Improve Search Results for Candidates

A traditional marketing job search can be frustrating for candidates. A simple keyword search for a specific role on job boards can yield hundreds of completely irrelevant results – including jobs that have nothing to do with marketing at all.  Searchers must comb through all of the results to try and find relevant postings.

Google For Jobs aims to streamline the process for candidates, so they no longer have to comb through board after board to look for relevant openings. They can simply type in their query, find relevant listings, track where they’ve applied and get alerted when new jobs open – and they can do it all without leaving Google.com.

If Employers Want To Be Found, They’ve Got To Optimize

Employers cannot ignore Google when it comes to posting jobs. Companies cannot assume that if they post jobs to popular boards that Google will index their pots in search queries. Employers will have to put in a bit of work to ensure that their posts are indexed and displayed. In order to get in front of job seekers, posts must:

  • Utilize sound keyword strategies
  • Be thorough – two-line postings won’t cut the mustard
  • Include significant detail about the organization
  • The actual geographic location of the position
  • Have a simplified application process, preferably single-click (like the processes found on CareerBuilder and LinkedIn)

Google is committed to using machine learning to improve initial matches between applicants and employers by only showing the most relevant results.  They want to specifically improve the ability to group together categories that have traditionally been difficult to categorize like sales and marketing. The goal is to provide a better, more relevant selection of openings for candidates to consider and to access them as quickly as possible.

Are You Ready For Google’s Job Invasion?

Best practices in sourcing, recruiting and hiring talent are always changing. Is your company keeping pace? If you are looking to improve your talent acquisition, hiring and retention strategies in the face of rapid change, partner with a true market leader. Contemporary Staffing Solutions is a nationally-recognized expert in staffing and recruiting. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.