What Does Top Talent Look for in an Employer?

Your employees are the heart of your business. So you want to fill you staff with the talent that will help your company achieve great things. Top talent—the best and brightest in your industry—can often be hard to attract because they’re in high demand. For this reason, they may be a bit picky about where they work. Still, even the most talented employees have parameters on which they judge a potential employer. Does your company have the qualities that your industry’s best workers are seeking?

What exceptional workers look for in an employer

When top talent look for a new job, they are usually in search of the following:

  • Work that inspires them. Whether top talent are in search of a challenge, the opportunity to unleash their creative genius or simply work about which they’re passionate, they’ll seek a company that delivers.
  • A fun, motivating company culture. Aside from the job, talented employees are also looking for a company culture that is relaxing, supportive and just plain fun. Ways to improve your corporate culture can include any of the following: comfortable break areas, pleasing décor, open-desk seating (rather than closed off cubicles), events and team building, on-site cafes and workout facilities, plenty of natural light and plant life, etc.
  • Rewards and recognition. Top talent works hard and appreciates being recognized for their contributions. Through verbal praise or incentives you can help to encourage your staff to keep up the good work.
  • The opportunity for promotion. Talented candidates are movers and shakers, often looking to grow and expand their careers. If they perceive your company as a place where they can work hard and get ahead, it will be more attractive to them.
  • A rich benefits package. Benefits that include healthcare benefits, wellness programs, Employee Assistance Programs, 401(k), profit sharing, etc., can make or break an employee’s decision to accept a position at your company.
  • A good reputation. Once qualities like the above are in place at your business, you’ll help establish your company as a great place to work. Through online reviews and simple word-of-mouth, you’ll be one step closer to attracting the talent that can push your company ahead.

How to get started

To get your business ready to pursue top talent, you’ll want to get a little introspective. What can your company offer exceptional employees, and what features can you improve upon? Next, you’ll want to think about the exact type of employee for which you’re searching, and then write an enticing job description. To find top talent, it can help to work with a staffing agency. Recruiters have contacts throughout the marketplace and are aware of both active and passive candidates. Since top talent are generally not searching for a new job, a recruiter can be your best ally in finding the staff your company needs for success.

Contemporary Staffing Solutions can help

Our knowledgeable, experienced recruiters will work with you to supplement your staff with highly qualified, best-matched candidates. To learn more about the services offered by Contemporary Staffing Solutions, contact us today!