What Does a Managed Staffing Partner Do?

You need to hire temporary employees…and fast. But you don’t have the time or resources to undertake this all-important initiative. What can you do?

One solution is to work with a managed staffing partner. Through a managed staffing program (MSP), they can assume responsibility and accountability for your entire staffing function, from sourcing and screening to managing temporary employees ­– even your temporary staffing vendors. They can also act as a central point of coordination to improve talent sourcing, selection, retention and productivity.

The end result of MSP staffing?

You no longer have to keep track of temporary employees, whether you have 10 or 100, saving you a significant amount of time and hassle. In addition, you have faster access to quality talent and can keep your workforce far more flexible.

So what exactly does an MSP staffing partner do? Here’s a look:

  • Oversees outsourcing employees. Working with a managed staffing partner means that somebody else will handle all of the responsibilities of managing your temporary employees. They will handle reporting and tracking, supplier selection and order distribution, and can even consolidate billing. As a result, you can save time, while also benefiting from the expertise and advice of an MSP staffing expert.
  • Develops a more flexible workforce. A managed staffing partner can turn your fixed costs to variable. That means next time you’re ramping up for a big project, you don’t need to hire full-time. You can turn to your staffing partner for access to qualified, dependable talent. By having a more flexible workforce, you can, therefore, take on new initiatives while keeping your overhead lower.
  • Helps save you money. Managing staffing providers work with a variety of staffing vendors. As a result, they have the power to negotiate a better rate for your company. In addition, they can easily track and manage relationships across a variety of vendors.

The demand for a flexible workforce is growing. In fact, analysts estimate that approximately 25% or more of a company’s workforce is contingent – a percentage that likely won’t go down anytime in the near future. But in order to control and maximize your use of contingent labor, you must have a properly implemented MSP run by an experienced provider.

Ready to learn more about MSP staffing?

Find out more about the details and benefits, as well as when is the right time to work with a managed staffing partner.

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