What Differentiates Good Inbound v. Outbound Customer Care Teams

Depending on what your business specializes in and what kind of calls you handle, you may have a dedicated team of inbound or outbound representatives – or perhaps a mix of both. But what are the traits needed to effectively perform and succeed in each role?

Inbound Customer Care

Operators of inbound customer care centers have an advantage over outbound representatives – an interested audience. Callers who dial in to an inbound operator already have an interest in the product or service, and inbound operators can accommodate and fill those requests. Highly successful individuals, though, will also be well versed in their company’s offers, allowing them to identify a callers other unmet needs.

Inbound vs. Outbound Customer CarePerhaps a person is calling in for a set of dishes. An affable and friendly inbound employee can engage the caller in discussion, perhaps learning through their conversation that the person is also in need of flatware that the company also sells. Through developing that relationship with the caller and identifying these unmet needs, an inbound operator can increase their sales, helping further establish themselves as a valued employee and adding value to your business.

Outbound Customer Care

Outbound customer care representatives, on the other hand, must master their pitch for success at cold calling prospective clients. Whereas in inbound your ideal employee is both friendly and courteous, adept at handling a caller’s needs, an outbound caller needs to be somewhat aggressive and effective at communicating the value of a service or product quickly and efficiently. Outbound callers often encounter less-than-receptive people answering the phone, or need to navigate around so-called “gatekeepers,” like office secretaries or central operators.

Effective outbound callers must be able to work around these hurdles. By being able to convey a message concisely and consistently, they have a greater chance at success. They also need to be able to manage follow up calls and convince prospective clients that not only are your organization’s services or products are worth their time, but also their money. Good conversationalists often make great sales people as they are able to adapt their pitch and approach on the fly for each individual, changing the tone and focus of the pitch to meet an individual prospective client’s needs aggressively, but respectfully, as well.

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