What Customers Really Want Out of Customer Service

According to Forrester research, 95% of business leaders say that customer service is a top priority.  But when it comes down to providing the level of service that customers actually want, many businesses fall short. A quick scan of consumer review sites of major corporations shows just how dissatisfied customers are with poor service. If you are looking to meet and exceed your customer expectations this year, take some time to consider what consumers really want from customer service.


Less Robots

Callers want to connect with a human being. No matter how many times a robot says, “your call is valuable to us,” it simply doesn’t feel genuine to most customers. Everyone is extremely busy these days, and trying to navigate through a push-button menu that doesn’t offer robust options, or a voice-activated system that doesn’t understand what is being said only serves to aggravate callers.


No More Scripts

When a customer service rep blatantly reads off of a script, it creates a disconnect with the caller. Reps should be empowered to have organic conversations with customers so that they can offer empathy, support and information that is germane to the call.  Personal experiences are paramount to building real relationships.


Don’t Make It Hard To Find You

Customers who want to speak to a representative don’t want to spend a long time searching a website for contact information. Display your customer service line prominently on all pages. Hiding your contact information sends the message that you don’t really want to hear from your customers.


Tailor Offers and Messaging

Customers are willing to let you email and text them with information and offers – but only if those offers are relevant. They don’t want to be spammed with information on products or services they do not use. Give customer the option of receiving mail, email or SMS offers, choosing the option that best suits them. When you show that you pay attention to their needs and are willing to tailor the information you send, it will strengthen your relationships.


Don’t Use Generic Hold Music

Customers understand that they will need to be put on hold from time to time. Give them something to listen to besides free hold music. Ticketmaster tailors music based on a caller’s demographics, for example, Apple uses a loop of songs that are all about “waiting,” and some companies will play tailored offers based on the caller’s buying history.


Offer 24 Hour Support

If a customer experiences an emergency, the last thing they want to hear is “please call back during regular business hours.” This can be extremely harmful to a relationship, especially if the caller’s issue is a matter of fraud. Offer 24 hour support to show that you value your customers and you take emergencies seriously.


Hire Better People

It can be difficult to staff call centers with expert, engaged employees. However, companies like Zappos and Amazon prove that it can be done. If you are looking for high-caliber CSRs for your team, the expert recruiters at Contemporary Staffing Solutions are ready to help. We specialize in connecting vetted and qualified candidates with leading companies looking for top-tier customer service talent. With can connect you with candidates who have the experience and knowledge that you’re looking for drive your business forward. Contact CSS today to learn more about our proven methods for success.