Webinar: Tips & Tricks: The Salesforce Administrator Toolkit

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CSS Tec is hosting a webinar on free resources for Salesforce Administrators on Thursday, April 9th at 11 AM. Salesforce Solution Engineer Tim Brevart will demonstrate how ORGanizer, SchemaLister, LoginAs, and Lightning Extension can enhance your user experience, productivity, and success.  Come one, come all but we will cut this event off at the first 100 attendees.

ORGanizer: A useful tool for admins and consultants alike, one of many functions includes keeping track of and logging to multiple orgs at once without entering a password each time

SchemaLister: Online web tool that allows users to export org metadata into an excel or CSV file to see where and how fields are being used or referenced across the org

LoginAs: Login with 2 clicks as a user in your org without going through Setup.

Lightning Extension: A Salesforce product that provides convenience to end users, as well as the all-new Salesforce dark mode

We will also host a raffle where attendees can submit a current pain point, and the winner will receive free consulting support to resolve the challenge.

Sign up for the webinar here: https://salesforceadministratortoolkit.eventbrite.com