Visibility and Transparency is the Key To a Successful VMS

Companies that rely on large contingent workforces understand the benefits of leveraging a Vendor Management System (VMS). A VMS program allows them to manage the process of locating and hiring contingent workers from a variety of vendors through a single platform, saving considerable time and cost. The right VMS leveraged by a strong Managed Service Provider (MSP) can also deliver greater visibility and transparency in the process, eliminating “rogue” spending by departments, and enabling staffing supplier performance measurement.

“CSSvSource is an independent CSS Company offering managed services for employers with contingent workforces that spend $10,000M to $100,000M on 3rd Party Staffing.  Our expertise in managing an MSP/VMS’s spans more than 20 years.” says Sharon Tsao, CMO, Contemporary Staffing Solutions

The main draw of a VMS is that it streamlines the contingent workforce process. From sourcing to hiring to paying temporary workers, a VMS puts requisitions, approvals, schedules, expenses, and reporting at a team’s fingertips. A VMS can:

  • Generate job requests
  • Evaluate bids from vendors
  • Facilitate the hiring process
  • Onboard and offboard on-demand workers
  • Review timecards
  • Review expenses
  • Provide real-time data for benchmarking and optimizing the process

The Key To Visibility and Transparency

The data generated by a VMS is invaluable for optimizing contingent workforce processes. Working alone often means guessing when it comes to measuring the costs associated with a contingent workforce. Working with multiple vendors can help reduce strain, but it is still difficult to measure effectiveness and overall cost.

With the right VMS and MSP, a whole new world opens up. Suddenly, access is available to a host of real-time metrics that allow accurate measurements of KPIs. Vendors that do not meet standards can be eliminated from the pool, ensuring access to the most accurate and efficient staffing providers. A uniform process also ensures that individual departments are adhering to standards and criteria, and controlling costs, eliminating their ability to go rogue.

Other Benefits of a VMS

A VMS also provides other benefits that include:

  • Cost savings: A VMS ensures you won’t fall prey to above-market rates and markups, and provides real-time accurate measurements of spending.
  • Improved quality: Suppliers that do not make accurate placements can be weeded out, ensuring access to workers who meet or exceed specifications for every project.
  • Compliance: Uniform processes and standards ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws.
  • Efficiency: Fill roles faster with higher-quality workers much more simply.

If you are ready to attain the business benefits of working with an experienced MSP/VMS, the team at CSS vSource is here to help. CSSvSource is an independent company of Contemporary Staffing Solutions offering vendor-neutral, customized solutions.  Call us today at 610-832-2500 to learn more about our managed services or to set up a free consultation to determine how CSS can save you money.

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