Using LinkedIn to Attract a Recruiter’s Attention

When you’re looking for a new job, or trying to move ahead in your current one, there are a lot of things to focus on. Networking, keeping your resume up to date, and making sure that you have a professional interview outfit are all issues to stay on top of. One thing that’s easy to forget about is your LinkedIn profile. But don’t overlook it! A good LinkedIn profile is easy to create, and once you have it in place, it works for you even when you aren’t attending to it. A great LinkedIn profile is waiting to tell whoever clicks on it all about your talents. Here are some ways to make sure you can get noticed by a recruiter on LinkedIn:

  • Use a photo. LinkedIn profile is mostly text, so a photograph of yourself will really pop out. When choosing what to upload, make sure you select something that is current, and make sure that it’s professional as well.
  • Update your summary. Many people dread summarizing their career goals, so blank summary sections are all over LinkedIn. But you shouldn’t give up an opportunity to brag on yourself. Think of your career as a story, and use your summary to tell it. Include where you hope to go next.
  • Claim your skills. The skills section is one of the newer features on LinkedIn, and one that is the most popular with recruiters. Skills essentially work like keywords for your profile, making you easy to find in a search. Make sure that you’ve claimed all of the skills that you can.
  • Get recommended. Everyone knows a recommendation adds weight to your profile, but how do you get one? One of the best ways is to start by recommending people in your network. Take your time, be genuine and honest, and they will probably feel compelled to return the favor.
  • Follow good content. LinkedIn is a social network, of course, so don’t forget to take advantage of the social features. Joining groups related to your field will not only help you connect with more people, but the groups also show up on your profile. In addition, you can follow companies that you’re interested in so that you will always know about their next job opening.

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