Top Trends with your Contingent Workforce

“New trends are emerging rapidly in the MSP/VMS space and CSSvSource diligently works to stay ahead of the curve!  Our team of experts are engaged with our key stake holders continuously to understand their business challenges so we can offer solid solutions.  Below is a summary of a few new trends that are keeping us in front of the competition!” says Stacie Bernek Ross, Sr Program & Implementation Specialist, CSSvSource.

MSP/VMS Programs are rapidly expanding by keeping a list of candidates that have been off-boarded but are eligible to be rehired.  They are put into a pool of available contingent workers with a solid rating on their ability to get a great job completed!  Many HR business partners in corporate are tapping this pool of available candidates to fill temporary associate vacancies with a significant increase in productivity and effectiveness.  One caveat is that you must go back to the original staffing vendor and request the candidates return.

Additional tips for a well-run MSP/VMS include:

Candidate pooling: growing in popularity, meaning that candidates are shared between departments for greater efficiency.  The challenge here comes with proper purchase order allocation for budgeting accuracy.

Smart machine technology: being utilized to capture the hiring trends of a specific manager which ensures the success of submittal short listing.  Take a minute and review the resumes that are denied so you can see if anyone is being overlooked for the wrong reason.  The relationship can never be removed from a great recruiting process.

There is an emergence of centers of excellence and training programs to support MSP Program Managers in contingent workforce solutions. Hiring Managers with contingent labor are looking for that extra layer of support to ensure a fast on-boarding experience and productivity right away.

Market wide benchmarks across all worker types.  This includes SOW (Statement of Work invoices through Professional Service Companies), Direct Hire and traditional contingent labor staff.

Better decision making due to Big Data analytics being collected in the system and analyzed to ensure efficiency and cost savings.  Rate stabilization, overtime analysis, and length of assignment are all triggering events for analysis.

Supplier Partnership and success strategies surrounding vendor neutrality.  Relationships are critical to the success of any MSP/VMS, but they can also hinder the opportunity for being unbiased during the short listing of submitted qualified candidates.

If you are looking for new ways to have visibility around data on your contingent workforce and if you want to mitigate risk away from the staffing vendors then reach out to CSSvSource for more information by emailing sales@contemporarystaffing.comContact us today to learn more about the ways we can help you cultivate an effective MSP / VMS Program.