Top Qualities to Look for in an RPO Provider

So, you’ve made the decision to hire a recruitment process outsourcing firm to help reduce your hiring costs and time to hire, and find better quality candidates. Great! Your next step? Find the RPO company that will best meet your needs and deliver the goods. How?

To find the best RPO provider for your company, ask the following 10 questions:

1. Can They Handle Quantity?
If you’re going to need high-volume hiring, you need to partner with an RPO that can provide it. Ask any potential RPO providers about the size of hiring projects they’ve handled in recent years.

2. Do they Know Your Industry?
Not all RPOs support every industry. Many specialize in certain industries such as technology, manufacturing or retail. Make sure the one you choose has a successful track record of supporting yours.

3. Are They the Right Size?
If your business is small to medium sized, pick an RPO provider that will care about your business. Make sure your company will receive the same level of service as the bigger clients in their portfolio.

4. Can They Do It All?
You’ll need to define the services you’ll require and find an RPO that fulfills them. For example, will you need:

  • Candidate research?
  • Compliance, tracking, reporting and audits?
  • Full recruiting outsourcing for part or all of your company?
  • Project-specific recruiting outsourcing?
  • Third-party vendor management?

5. Are You Going to Need On-site Support?
Do you expect your RPO provider to provide full or partial support at your location? Not all RPO companies offer this service, while some only provide it if you ask for it.

6. What Type of Hires Will You Need?
Know whether you’ll need help recruiting for contract, contract-to-hire, fulltime, part time—or any combination of the four.

7. Will You Need to Hire Outside the U.S.?
Most RPO companies support the United States, but if you’ll need to staff a branch in another country, ask them how they handle international needs.

8. Do They Deliver Results?
Does the RPO you’re considering have successful and happy customers? Ask them for client references.

9. Can They Support Your Technology Needs?
Be sure to ask any RPO provider you’re considering if they support your current technology solutions.

10. Are You Compatible?
Last but not least, look for an RPO provider that you will like and trust. Successful RPO requires a strong partnership, and not every potential issue will fall under the terms of a contract. Do your values align? Can you see yourself working effectively together?

The staffing professionals at Contemporary Staffing Solutions understand which qualities are the best to look for in an RPO provider. Contact us today to learn more!