Top HR Trends for 2016

Top HR Trends for 2016

As 2015 draws to a close, it’s clear that HR must evolve to accommodate technology, regulation and the changing needs of businesses and professionals. What are the key trends and influences to look for in 2016?

Millennial Influence

Millennials continue to drive change. As younger workers move into the workforce and up the career ladder, their unique perspective influences management and hiring trends. The biggest changes they bring are in how they interact with their managers and technology.

Review process

Younger employees were raised on the Internet, video games and social media. They are accustomed to ongoing and often instant feedback. And honestly – they may be right in terms of effectiveness. What’s the point in bringing up a shortfall or a win from April when you are reviewing them in December? Provide regular constructive feedback. Think about whether the annual review is a good use of your time and resources.

User experience

Technology must begin with the user in mind. Leverage technology to make hiring and managing people easier. Make it simple for people to apply from their mobile phones, enter their time or track vacation days. Conduct interviews online and engage with prospects on social media.

Predictive analysis

Increasingly, HR departments will turn toward data to quantify employee engagement, make hiring decisions and improve operational efficiencies. Consider the part that data analysis can play in your organization and hire and train accordingly.

New wage regulations

Employers will scramble to respond to the new federal wage and hour regulation requiring employers to pay overtime to salaried employees earning $50,400 or less beginning in 2016. How will you respond? Look at employee salaries and hours worked to determine your risk.

More transparency

Employees want insight into decision-making processes, growth potential and company goals and projections. Businesses that comply will find that employees are more engaged which translates to higher productivity and increased retention.

Are you ready for 2016?

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