Tips for Getting Past Top-Performers Reengaged

Tips for Getting Past Top-Performers Re-engaged

Should you re-engage (re-employ) former employees who are no longer with your company? It depends. Consider why they left the company and what they have been doing since they left. Do you have a place for them now? Do you know how to entice them? What has changed in your company that would encourage them to come back?

Why did they leave?

Frequently, top performers leave if they feel that they have hit a wall professionally. Sometimes an employee can get stuck in a position because their managers don’t see them outside of a specific box. Sadly, it may take a move to another company for them to realize their potential.

Was there a personality issue?

One of the most common reasons that employees leave is that they don’t like or can’t work with their manager. If there has been a management change or there is a suitable opportunity in another department, you may be able to win a talented alumnus back.

Why re-engage?

Former employees already understand the culture and have a realistic view of what it’s like to work there. The onboarding and training process will be faster, meaning that they will be productive sooner. Rehired employees also have a higher rate of retention.

What has changed?

Would the former employee be a better fit now than he was previously? If he has developed and added new skills since he left, you may have a place for him, preferably at a higher level than when he left. Also, if your company culture has changed or if there is new leadership, he may also consider returning.

How can you re-engage top performers?

Don’t burn bridges.

Particularly if the former employee has a unique skill set or you live in an area where the talent pool is limited. Try not to take their leaving personally. Understand that they are doing what’s best for their career. Remain in contact to see how they are progressing. If you lose a top performer, the best thing to do is remain engaged via social media, email or the occasional lunch to keep up with them and gauge when they may be interested in returning.

Leverage current employees.

Most former employees stay in touch with a friend or two from their work days or keep up on company developments in social media and review sites. Ask current employees about top performers who may be interested in returning.

Create an alumni community.

Some organizations, particularly larger ones, may have social media groups that communicate regularly or networks that get together periodically. Join the conversation online to discuss new developments or host an alumni networking event. Invite recent retirees, former interns or contract employees as well as previous top performers.

Are you currently in search of top talent?

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