Time to Learn a Foreign Language: Programming Languages You Need to Know!

Employers are always impressed by candidates who speak a second language…but what about candidates who know multiple languages?

Here are some of the top programming languages in 2018 so far, and some that will help programmers, coders, and engineers advance their careers!

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Python is an incredibly popular programming language and has even been ranked as the number one programming language of 2018 by many coders. This open-source language seems to be the holy grail of programming languages: it is relatively easy to learn (even for non-programmers) and can be used for practically any kind of software, web, or app development and more. Python can also be used for machine learning (developing AI) which is increasingly growing in demand!

Jobs to look out for: Data engineer, full-stack developers, software engineers, machine learning engineers, data scientists.


JavaScript is another programming language that is supposed to be easy for beginners. It is a server side/client-side language that can be used in any website’s HTML. Since JavaScript is web-based, it is mainly used for web development. It seems unlikely that the internet will ever crash (knock on wood), so there will most likely always be jobs for JavaScript programmers!

PHP, another server-side scripting language, is also a good program to learn!

Jobs to look out for: Web developer, full-stack developer, front-end developer, .NET Developer.


Java has been around since 1995, but it has aged well and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It is used by huge corporations and businesses due to its incredibly readable code: it is no overstatement to say that Java permeates all of the internet. Not only is Java used by businesses on the web, it is also used for all Android apps. So, if you’re playing a game on your Galaxy, thank Java!

(Learn more about Java and its success here: https://contemporarystaffing.com/happy-21st-birthday-java-you-look-better-than-ever/)

Jobs to look out for: Software engineers, software architects, and DevOps engineers.


Created by Microsoft as a part of their .NET network, C# (C sharp) is popular due to its proficiency in developing Window applications, which it was initially used for, and web and mobile applications. It is very similar to Java, as it was originally created to compete with it, but can only be used in Windows environments. Considering how pervasive Windows is, having this language in your repertoire is definitely a good idea.

Jobs to look out for: Full-stack developer, .NET developer, web developer, software


Released by Apple in 2014, Swift is becoming a popular programming language among hirers. Apple updates Swift regularly and it is integrating it further into its products. Considering Apple’s success as a technology business and business in general, learning this language will certainly give you an edge against competition.

Jobs to look out for: iOS developer, mobile developer.

While some programming languages are becoming more popular, others are on their way out. For instance, R has been declining since the rise of Python, and it seems unlikely to make a comeback since Python has been incredibly successful. Don’t worry though, R and other declining language Objective-C, are still wanted by many tech employers: there is just a good chance they’ll cease to exist within our lifetime.

Overall, the tech industry is always changing—and so should your skillset!

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