Be a Better Sales Rep by Becoming a Pro at Time Management

Between prospecting, managing your existing clients and dealing with administrative tasks, it seems there are never enough hours in the day for sales. Strong time management skills can help you manage the stress, increase your productivity and make you a better rep for your customers, prospects and employer. Here are some tips to help you “find” the extra time each week you need to exceed your goals.


Block Non-Negotiable Prospecting Time

When the needs of your existing client base and current leads start to pile up, prospecting can fall by the wayside. Make prospecting a daily habit by blocking off time each day week to focus solely on making new calls. Mark the time as busy on your calendar, and make a conscious effort not to book appointments during prospecting hours.


Batch Your Admin Tasks

Administrative tasks are also easy to neglect in favor of revenue-generating activities. But expense reports, call reports and other admin tasks are an important part of your job. Letting them pile up until the last day of the month will only lead to higher stress levels. Don’t drop what you are doing when an admin issue pops up. Instead, add it to your list and address it during your weekly blocked time.


Rethink The Way You Handle Email

Now that you can get your email right on your smartphone, the tendency for many reps is to read incoming mail as soon as it hits the inbox and respond right away. However, interrupting what you’re doing to reply to an email wastes time. Check your email first thing in the morning, then again before or after lunch, and once more at the end of the day. Most people don’t expect an immediate response, and if there is an emergency, the person will make another attempt to reach you by telephone.


Work In Zones

As you schedule sales calls and appointments, make sure to use geographic zones. Zigzagging across your territory wastes precious time and puts unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle. A four-day call week works well for a zoned schedule. Divide your territory into four zones, and schedule one day a week for each zone. Use the fifth day to work in the office and get caught up on other tasks.


Zoning does require a bit of assertiveness. In sales, it’s easy to jump on any time that client or prospect suggests, but this can throw off your call volume. If a customer or prospect can’t work within your schedule, you still have day five to make the call. If this seems too far outside your comfort zone, consider this: If you are able to reach 4 prospects in 30 minutes in a designated zone, and strategic scheduling frees up 30 minutes per day, you’ll be able to make at least 20 extra calls per week.


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