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Terms & conditions: CSS temporaries are employees of Contemporary Staffing Solutions. By clicking “Accept”, you are creating an electronic signature as legally binding as your handwritten signature; signature of client accepts this affiliation. Hiring of a CSS employee by a client company, CSS employee must work 180 days at client company. Upon fulfillment of this time period, client may hire CSS temp without additional fee. Should client desire to hire temp before the 2040 hours worked, client agrees to pay a liquidated fee. Should client desire to transfer a CSS temp to another staffing firm, client agrees to notify CSS and pay full liquidated fee. Failure to do so will result in a 30% fee of the annual salary given to temporary. This fee will be paid by client to CSS. Fees for CSS services also apply should a candidate enter into an employment or any other business relationship, directly or indirectly with the client, or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries, as a result of our efforts within one year of the date of the referral, either for the referral or for any other position. The service fee of 30% is based upon total 1st year compensation for the position. In the event of default or non-payment for services rendered, client hereby agrees to be liable for any and all reasonable attorney fees, filing costs and interest (18% on the outstanding balance), including pre and post judgment collection efforts. Client shall not authorize CSS temp to operate any automotive vehicle without written consent from CSS. It is acknowledged, understood, and agreed that insurance furnished by CSS does not cover physical loss or damage caused by the operation of client’s equipment. It is further agreed that the client shall accept full responsibility for bodily injury, property damage, fire, theft, collision or public liability damage should a CSS employee operate the clients vehicle, whether owned or rented. The undersigned further acknowledges and agrees not to entrust any temporary associate with the handling of cash, negotiable instrument or other valuables without the written permission from CSS and then only when a temporary employee’s specific duties necessitate such activity. Furthermore, client acknowledges and agrees not to entrust any temporary associate with unattended premises or any part thereof without written permission from CSS and then only when a temporary associate’s specific duties necessitate such responsibilities. Under no circumstances will CSS be responsible for the theft or loss occurring while any of its employees are entrusted with the property or premise of the undersigned or any other person or party. Client will indemnify CSS from all claims or liability pursuant to the occupational safety and health act governing the premises owned or controlled by client and to which CSS employees are assigned to perform services in or are present in. Client shall notify CSS in writing within 30 days of any claim against CSS.

Additional terms and conditions may be specified in a “Secondary Provider Agreement” which is kept on file at the subcontractor’s location and at CSS. One purpose of a timecard for a sub contractor’s temporary is for generating an invoice to the client specified in the secondary provider agreement. The paycheck for the hours worked is the responsibility of the subcontractor.

The employee does affirm that the information provided is true and accurate, that I am an employee of Contemporary Staffing; that overtime must be approved by the client and CSS prior to working the overtime; while on assignment for a CSS client, I will not discuss permanent employment with that client, without the permission of CSS; I will notify CSS if my assignment ends; failure to do so means that I am unavailable for work; while on assignment I will not operate or drive a vehicle or drive heavy machinery without the approval of CSS; and I will not handle client cash, negotiable instrument, or other valuables without written permission of CSS.