These Toxic Thoughts are Ruining Your Interview Before it Begins

Toxic Thoughts Ruin Your Interview

Job interviews can induce high levels of anxiety in the most confident and cool candidate. Even if you have spent time fully preparing for your interview and you’ve perfected your interviewing skills, however, toxic thoughts can still creep into your mind. Those thoughts can have a real impact on your performance during the course of your interview, and you may not even be aware that it’s happening. You can avoid potentially sabotaging your chances by catching yourself if you find these thoughts popping into your head.


“I’m Not Good Enough For This Job”

Self-doubt is common in any job search, but if you walk into an interview thinking you don’t measure up, it will impact your enthusiasm and passion – qualities that every hiring manager wants to see in a candidate. If the hiring team didn’t think you were good enough for the job, you’d have never gotten a call for an interview.  They know that you can learn skills, but you can’t learn true excitement for your work. Focus on your strengths and the things that you bring to the table, because you never know just what a hiring manager’s priorities are.


“I’ve Got A Lock On This Job”

Low confidence is a problem, but having too much confidence can also be a mistake. You may have the most impressive resume in the world, but that resume is not a golden ticket to an offer. Always conduct plenty of research on the company, practice your interviewing skills and come prepared with a list of thoughtful questions.  Be self-assured, but take care not to let it come across as cockiness.

“My Record Speaks for Itself”

Your resume is what landed you the interview, and if that resume is impressive, congratulations. But once you’re in the hot seat, it’s up to you to convince the hiring manager that you are the right candidate for the job. Yes, your job-related skills and past experience are important, but you must also be able to demonstrate that you possess the necessary soft skills to succeed and you must also show that you are the type of person that others want to work with.


“What If They Don’t Like Me?”

This thought can be difficult to manage. You need the hiring manager to like you, of course. However, if you get too hung up on whether or not you are “likable” your interview will suffer. Focus on being yourself and rocking your answers. And remember: if the hiring manager doesn’t like you, you probably don’t want to work for that organization anyway.


“The Troubles I Had In My Last Job Are Someone Else’s Fault”

If you are seeking a new position because you’re having some troubles at your current job, or if you were let go from your last job, you do not want to blame other people for your situation. Hiring managers are looking for candidates who are mature enough to accept responsibility when things go wrong and who learn from their failures in order to grow and succeed in the future.


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