The Value of Employee Feedback

The Value of Employee FeedbackAs companies grow, it can become increasingly difficult for high level executives to keep their proverbial finger on the pulse of workplace operations. They might notice trends in hiring, employee morale, or turnover rates, but it may still be difficult for them to explain these trends.

By facilitating open channels of communication between staff and management, executives can identify minor issues before they become big problems and develop a company culture founded upon honesty and collaboration.

Consider a Case Study

Take Synygy Inc. for example. This company was recently highlighted in Workforce Magazine as an example of a company that has seen measurable growth as a result of their initiative to promote two-way feedback between the different tiers of their workforce. Over the course of their nearly thirty year history, Synygy has established a system for regularly providing their employees dynamic feedback about their work performance.

Anil Chouhan, managing director at Synygy, explained the rational for their quarterly company-wide evaluations in the article in Workforce. “The whole idea of having an evaluation is to help you improve your performance,” said Chouhan. “But if you’re going to change behavior, you have to get the information to do it in a timely fashion. If you wait a whole year to look at how you handled something, it’s too late to make changes.”

Synygy uses its regular employee feedback as a kind of diagnostic tool that allows them to fine-tune their operations and eliminate workflow inefficiencies sooner rather than later. In order to add tangible value to the evaluations, employees are given a quarterly performance score which influences the size of their quarterly bonus. This encourages Synygy’s employees to take their evaluations seriously and make incremental improvements to their performance over time.

Turn to the HR Department

So how can companies implement strategies that encourage ongoing employee feedback? They can start by staffing their workforce with a team of HR professionals who understand the value of employee feedback. At CSS, we’ve spent over twenty years establishing a diverse network of client companies and qualified candidates to fill in-demand HR positions.

We know how important your Human Resources department is to your business’ workforce operations. Give us a call today and let us help you find a talented addition to your HR team.