The Right Way to Close Your Interview to Know Exactly Where You Stand


Leaving an interview can be almost as stressful as walking into one. While there is the inevitable sense of relief that it’s over, it opens the door feelings of anxiety. Candidates can be eaten up by questions like, “What did they think of me,” and “Did I do enough to make my case?” The note on which you end the interview can have a lasting impact on the hiring manager. Here are the steps you can take to close the interview the right way so you know exactly where you stand.

Reinforce Your Continued Interest In The Position

Hiring managers know that skills can be taught but enthusiasm for a job cannot be trained. As the interview winds to a close, do not be afraid to summarize your interest by thanking the interviewer for his or her time and stating that you are now even more convinced that you are the right person for the job. Let them know you are enthusiastic about moving forward, and clarify the next steps.

Be Bold

If you want to know whether or not the hiring team has any reservations about your candidacy, be bold and ask. Say, “Is there anything about me that makes you feel I am not the right person for the job?” It’s a bold move and it takes courage, but if the interviewer is honest, it gives you an opportunity to address their concerns head-on.  If the interviewer has no reservations, continue to be bold and say, “Fantastic! Let’s schedule the next steps.”

The Secret To Knowing Where You Stand

Even if you have a plan for finishing strong, it can be difficult to get a real read on some hiring managers. However, there is one surefire way to make sure you always know where you stand with an interviewer: Work with a professional recruiter.

A recruiter keeps you in the loop from start to finish. After your interview is done, you’ll have a debriefing session where you’ll share your thoughts and the recruiter will share feedback provided by the hiring manager. Timelines and communication are often easier to manage through a recruiter, since you have an established relationship and calling to check in won’t create a negative impression.

If you are a talented job seeker searching for the right new opportunity to grow your career, the recruiters at Contemporary Staffing Solutions are here to help.  We will partner with you to match you with positions that align with your career goals and help you grow over time, and we can help you perfect your interviewing skills to create a strong, lasting impression. Contact us today to amplify your job search.