The Power of the Post Interview Letter

The Power of the Post Interview LetterWhen large companies interview for positions, they may screen hundreds of candidates before they settle on a new hire. So how can you stand out from the crowd? How can you make sure that you’re not just one in a pile of many other faceless resumes? As with most things in life, it’s the follow-through that counts.

A thank-you letter is a tangible reminder of who you are and what made you different. Phone calls get missed. Emails get buried in inboxes. A letter sent through the mail is far harder to ignore.

Perhaps the best thing about sending a post-interview letter is that most people don’t. Out of a hundred candidates, a hiring manager might be lucky to receive 20 thank-you letters from interviewees. Of those 20, half will probably be brief, stock messages that do little to sway their opinion.

Yours can be different.

Personalize It

Describe to the hiring manager what struck you as special about the company. Help them to understand why you want to work there, rather than someplace else. Let them know that you remember them as much as you’d like them to remember you. Also, bear in mind that the hiring manager took time out of their day to interview you for this position. It’s important to express gratitude for their consideration.

Address Concerns

During interviews, concerns sometimes arise that don’t get fully explained or resolved during the allotted time. This is the perfect opportunity to put those concerns to rest. Maybe your previous experience isn’t directly applicable to the position. Maybe you have a limited number of professional contacts in the area. This is your chance to explain to the hiring manager why you’re the right person for the job in spite of (or because of) these factors.

Leave Them Wanting More

Say your piece, and then say goodbye. A post-interview shouldn’t be a full blown manifesto. Rather, it should be a succinct expression of interest and gratitude. Write your letter and then set it down. Then come back to it later with a clear head and cut anything that doesn’t serve a clear purpose. Keep your eye on the ball, so to speak.

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