The New Hybrid Staffing Model

For years, employers treated MSPs and RPOs as two separate types of hiring tools. If you had a contingent, temporary employment opportunity, you’d hand it off to HR or an outside managed service provider. If you were looking to make a permanent hire, you’d expect your internal HR department or external recruitment process outsourcing firm to handle it.

But as the workforce is changing to a different mix of temporary and permanent employees, more organizations are realizing that results, not processes or tradition, are most important. And that the distinctions between MSPs and RPOs aren’t always definitive.

While you need to have a well-defined hiring process, if your company’s objective is to find and recruit the best possible talent, does it really matter who does it? Here’s how to streamline, shorten time to fill, reduce costs and implement new best practices for both types of talent pipelines:

  1. Realize that it’s a whole new ballgame out there. The American workforce has changed and is continuing to change. Whether we like it or not, we’re becoming a shorter-term employment economy. And that’s fine for some industries, like IT, health care and even engineering. Members of those talent pools often care more about the type of assignment than the length of the assignment, as long as they are paid competitively.
  1. Don’t divide and conquer, join and conquer. When you have several different teams in charge of hiring, dividing their efforts only multiplies cost and time inefficiencies. Both internal and external teams need to be on the same page to find quality employees. Integrating procurement, HR and MSPs and RPOs will help you be more flexible and move more quickly to capitalize on talent opportunities.
  1. Send a singular message. It’s becoming more important to create and deliver an employment brand in the current marketplace. Workers are becoming more interested in what type of work environment and culture you provide. Splitting your recruiting between too many teams can create brand confusion and diffuse your message. Be sure your recruitment brand is clear and centralized throughout your organization and your hiring channels.

So what does this mean for you, the employer? Finding a third-party provider that offers both RPO and MSP services will provide you with the benefits and best practices of each. At Contemporary Staffing Services, we give our clients the advantage of flexibility, using our experience with both types of programs to customize hiring solutions. Call us to find out how it works!