The Evolution of Data Science Jobs

Data Science has been a hot tech job category for many years, but how is the field evolving? Data science jobs of today won’t necessarily look the same in a few years. There are major changes coming, driven by the tech industry that will give data scientist a much more visible, strategic role in business.

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The Current State of Data Science Jobs

Today, data science is a critical business function – but it is still a back-office, supportive role in most organizations, especially in companies that operate outside the tech industry. Data scientists do not hold a strategic function and lack a seat at the executive table.

Some of this has to do with the challenges many companies still face when it comes to big data. Getting different data collection and analysis technologies to work together is a major hurdle, getting data scientists and non-technical managers to speak the same language can be impossible and finding the right path from raw data to actionable insights is still a major roadblock. These challenges often make it difficult for executives to really buy into the ROI of data science, which has left big data teams somewhat out in the cold.

The Future of Data Science Jobs

Tech companies and tech-forward industries are leading the data science evolution, moving it from a back-office function to a strategic function. Businesses that can see the long-term ROI of data science (when executed properly) are integrating data into nearly every aspect of their business from operations to marketing to finance.

Data scientists can help every business unit manage uncertainty, helping leaders to learn from data and take a more scientific approach to problem-solving. Data is not a crystal ball, but it is a powerful tool that can help in both high-stakes decision making and everyday choices throughout the organization.

Ongoing integration of algorithmic decision-making will give data scientists a more strategic function in business, helping leaders from middle managers to the C-suite make more informed decisions, improving long-term planning, providing greater agility and ultimately driving significant, positive organizational change.

Are You Looking For Data Science Talent?

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