The Changing Job Search Tendencies of Top Candidates

Knowing your candidates and how they are searching for employment can be extremely useful for to your hiring process. A recently released study which evaluated the job search behavior of workers yielded somewhat surprising results. Here are some of the findings:

  • Many workers – almost 75% – are continually looking for new jobs, or are open to opportunities that they would consider a move up. This number includes those who are already employees.
  • The Internet has made job searching much easier and less of a chore, to the point that almost 70% of workers say that they search for new opportunities regularly.
  • Younger “Millennial” workers are more likely to keep searching for new jobs, and stay in their positions for an average of three years. Workers from the baby boomer generation stayed in positions for an average of 11¬†years.
  • Job searching has become more like shopping. Candidates research a company before applying by looking at their website and checking out their social media, and try to get a sense of the company culture and current projects.

So, how can you leverage these findings and hire better people?

Have a media strategy.

It’s almost a certainty that potential employees are looking at your company website before they apply for a job. Think of how you want to brand your company culture, and think of the best way to get that message out there. Keep in mind that your presence on social media may be reviewed as well as more traditional media such as the local news.

Consider your hiring process.

Once a candidate submits an application for a position at your firm, they are engaging with your company. Even if you have retained a recruiting expert who is screening all candidates for you, your organization still plays a crucial part. Take a look at your hiring process and make sure that all potential employees are treated with respect and kindness, because if you aren’t, that is going to get around to other job seekers.

Advertise internal positions.

One of the best ways to retain current employees who may be tempted by better job offers at other companies is to advertise internal positions. Don’t just put up openings on the company intranet. Consider using a current employee to reach out to people who may be a good fit for the jobs.

For more tips about hiring, or to explore new job opportunities, no matter your employment status, contact a specialist at Contemporary Staffing Solutions.