The Benefits of Becoming a Law Firm Administrator

Law firm administrators run the business end of law offices. Office administrators and managers who have an interest in the field of law enjoy being a part of the exciting and dynamic legal field. With so many areas of specialization and types of firms to work for, there are numerous benefits of becoming a law firm administrator.

“Law Firm Administrators are the corner stone of the law firm.  They understand and drive the culture and processes supporting every extremely successful lawyer.  CSS works with many law firms locally and nationally; always keeping the Firm Administrator in the loop!” says Lauren Behar, Account Executive at Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

Choose Your Fit: Small, Medium Or Large

One of the best things about being a law firm administrator is variety. It might not seem like a field that offers a great deal of variety, but administrators can really write their own tickets and choose the type of career path they will follow, the field they will work in and the size of the firm they want to work for.

Large corporate firms in urban areas typically offer high salaries and they employ an entire team of administrators. Usually, each professional works on specific focus areas, allowing for specialization in the tasks and skills that you enjoy.  Working at a small firm allows legal administrators to be a big fish in a small pond. There is usually only one administrator in a small firm, providing a great deal of responsibility and the environment is often less cutthroat and more laid back than large corporate firms. Medium sized law firms offer the best of both worlds. They do typically pay well and allow law firm administrators to take on a wider variety of tasks and assume a little more responsibility than large firms.

Work In An Area You’re Passionate About

Law firm administrators also have the benefit of being able to work in fields that they have an interest in or are passionate about. There are an endless number of legal specializations from criminal law to family law to litigation to environmental law, and everything in between.

Legal administrators can pursue career opportunities in fields where they can contribute, which leads strong career satisfaction. It might be exciting to be an office administrator in an ad agency, but if you’re someone who wants their work to make a real difference in people’s lives, you might choose to work for a firm that focuses on elder law or child welfare law, for example.

The legal field is always expanding. Federal, state and local laws are always changing, and people will always need help navigating the legal system and the complex American regulatory environment. Talented legal administrators will always be in demand, as firms need talented businesspeople to help run their firms smoothly and efficiently.

If you are a talented office administrator looking to break into a new field, or if you are an experienced legal administrator looking for new and exciting challenges, reach out to the recruiters at Contemporary Staffing Solutions (CSS) today to learn how we can help you take the next step in your career. Headquartered near Philadelphia with national offices to support your hiring needs.