The 8 Most Effective Ways to Motivate Your Call Center Agents

Call Center Agents

Call center agents are under a great deal of pressure from the moment they put their headset on to the moment they clock out for the day. Keeping CSRs motivated is essential in order to prevent burnout and to ensure the company can retain its most successful agents.  Here are eight ways call centers can motivate their agents and keep them engaged.


  1. Give Them The Tools They Need To Succeed

When CSRs have to click around through several different platforms throughout the course of a call or wait for systems to load, it will have a negative impact. It will draw out the length of the call, and just one wrong click can frustrate the agent and the customer, alike. Agents should be equipped with fast, easy-to-use tools that keeps relevant information at-a-glance.


  1. Invest in Ongoing Training

Regular, ongoing training sessions help reinforce the behaviors managers want to see in their CSRs. Agents have to hit their metrics, and they want to keep their skills sharp so that they can perform well, make their numbers and grow.


  1. Cross-Train Top Performers

CSRs that consistently perform in the top tier should be rewarded with new responsibilities and opportunities to cross-train in other job functions. These new tasks will help keep them motivated by showing management recognizes their talent, and will keep them engaged as they learn new skills.


  1. Promote From Within

Work with agents to help them visualize a future with the company by setting future goals during performance reviews. Reinforce the idea that agents can make a career with the organization by making every effort to promote from within.


  1. Offer Ongoing Feedback

Call center agents can quickly develop long-lasting bad habits if they are left to their own devices for too long. Provide regular, real-time feedback to let CSRs know what they doing well, and what they can improve.


  1. Celebrate Success

When agents hit their goals, exceed their goals or go far above and beyond management’s expectations, they should be recognized, celebrated and rewarded. Celebrating success should be part of a formal process during monthly or quarterly meetings, but recognizing them in real-time is also important. Use bulletin boards, email blasts or morning huddles to shine a spotlight on successes.


  1. Lead By Example

There is an old adage in HR that says: People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses.  Managers should reinforce company values and culture, and high turnover in teams could be a red flag. Keep managers trained and provide them with the ongoing feedback they need to motivate their team successfully.


  1. Ask Them What They Need

Managers that really want to know how to motivate their team should simply ask. Anonymous surveys can be used to discover what agents like about their jobs, what they don’t like, and what they need from management in order to succeed.


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