The 10 Highest-Paying IT Jobs in the US

itTechnology and the professionals who drive it are critical to the success of organizations of all sizes, across all industries. The ever-increasing demand for high-level IT skills has made the tech sector a hotbed for high salaries and robust bonus packages. According to a survey of the highest paying jobs in the US by Glassdoor, the following 10 positions are currently paying the highest salaries in the market.


Information Systems Manager

Median Salary: $106,000

Information Systems Managers are responsible for the implementation of technology within an organization or business. The Information Systems Manager directs the work of other IT personnel and specialists. To succeed in this field, IT pros must exhibit technical acumen, but because information systems impact the success of a business, ISMs must also possess a proficient understanding of business and management principles.

Analytics Manager

Median Salary: $106,000

Analytics Managers provide an organization’s leadership teams with data to help them make strategic business decisions.  Because C-level execs typically do not come from a technical background, they must be able to generate, analyze and summarize data in ways that make it digestible for those who don’t “speak” the language of analytics. AMs should have extensive experience in a specific industry so that they have a full understanding of how their data will impact the business.


Data Architect

Median Salary: $113,000

As the name clearly state, Data Architects are responsible for designing, implementing, and managing an organization’s data architecture. This includes various data entities, IT systems and other systems that process that data. This position works closely with other leaders in a company, and successful architects are able to communicate effectively with both technically-inclined and non-technically included members of the organization.


Data Scientist

Median Salary $116,000

Data Scientists are the “data ninjas” of a business intelligence team. Data Scientists typically hold advanced degrees in mathematics and computer sciences and must be naturally curious. They research, design, implement, and validate algorithms to analyze diverse sources of data to help direct or support company outcomes.


Systems Architect

Median Salary: $116,920

A Systems Architect works with multiple stakeholders in an organization to understand all the needs of the project. They are responsible for determining design possibilities and alternatives, as well as determining the constraints or obstacles of the system in design. Their interactions and responsibilities can vary significantly based on the size of the company.

Applications Development Manager

Median Salary: $120,000

Applications Development Managers oversee the entire development process, which can include development methodologies, databases, hardware/software testing and overall project management.


Solutions Architect

Median Salary: $120,000

Solutions Architects translate requirements into the IT architecture and design. This process usually involves selecting the most appropriate technology for the problem or situation of focus. They must be adept at balancing the needs of the company against the requirements of the technology.

IT Manager

Median Salary: $120,000

The IT Manager is in charge of recruiting, directing, and motivating the IT staff. They have a thorough knowledge of systems, policies, and technological solutions. They work to support both the goals and strategies of the company or organization and also support the team they manage.


Integrated Circuit Design Engineer

Median Salary: $127,500

An IC Design Engineer participates in the discussion of specifications needed for a project, the architecture selection, and also translates specifications into electrical schematics. This is a highly technical position that requires an advanced degree and demonstrated expertise in both electronics engineering and computer engineering.


Software Architect

Median Salary: $128,250

Software Architects make high-level design choices and dictate technical standards, which include coding standards, tools, and platforms. They work with other teams in an organization to have a broader understanding of the system environment and how their solutions can best serve the objectives.


Keep in mind that these salary averages can vary significantly depending upon geography and company size. If your organization is looking to attract, hire and retain highly-skilled IT professionals, the experts at CSS are here for you. Our recruiters can help you develop strategies that will ensure you are competitive, even in the face of rapidly increasing salaries. Contact us today to start the conversation.