My Recruiter is the best!

I met with Nicole the ending of February 2019. After searching for Full time employment for 8 long years after graduating from Keller Graduate School of Management, I was unable to find full time employment. Yes, I’ve worked many part time positions, but I could not plan or live the life that I dreamt of having and attended college for. Stability is one of the key factors for living and maintaining a comfortable lifestyle and being happy. After meeting with Nicole, she first uplifted my spirit she encouraged and assured me that she WILL find a job for me. Within three weeks after our meeting I was presented with an opportunity that I will begin working on April 15th. I am so happy and excited. On my journey what I have learned, both personally and professionally, people are placed in your life for a reason, season and a lifetime. Nicole was given to me for a reason, because she cares and wants to see me succeed, just like I know that she has been there for many of her other candidates and have succeeded. Contemporary Staffing Solutions please give Ms Nicole KUDOS!!! She deserves it.

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