Temporary, Direct Hire, Temp-to-Hire—Which Type of Staffing is Right for Your Company?

In need of staff supplementation? Increasing your headcount can help you improve your company’s productivity. When deciding which level of staff to add—temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire—you’ll need to understand a few key factors about how each type can be most useful to your business.

Make an informed decision about your desired staffing level

When selecting a staffing level, it can help to consider the role you’re trying to fill within your company, and the potential characteristics associated with each staffing type.

  • Temporary staff. Looking to increase your headcount for a limited time? Temporary staff may be the right choice for you. Most employers request temporary workers to cover staffing holes during employee leaves of absence for maternity, disability or vacation. Temp staff can also be helpful for special short-term projects you’re looking to accomplish.
  • Temp-to-hire staff. If you’re in search of a permanent employee but feel wary about an immediate hiring commitment, you can opt for temp-to-hire staff. In this staffing situation, you can bring on a temporary employee to get a feel for his or her skill set and how well he or she fits within your company culture. Once you feel comfortable with the temporary employee, you’ll have the option to hire him or her as a full-time staff member.
  • Direct hire staff. If you’re looking to fill a full-time, upper-level position, a direct hire may be your best bet. Working with a staffing agency, you’ll have access to a deep pool of talent, including both active candidates (those currently seeking employment) and passive candidates (those not currently seeking employment). The offer of a direct hire placement can increase your hiring options if the perfect candidate for your open position happens to be a passive candidate who is employed elsewhere. That’s because the likelihood of a passive candidate leaving a current position for temporary employment may be slim. However, the offer of placement in a new, full-time position can be a tempting, attractive career change.

Rely on your staffing partner for support and advice.

Perhaps you’re not sure which level of staffing is best for your company. That’s OK! Your staffing recruiter will work with you to identify your unique staffing challenges and recommend an effective strategy tailored to your workforce.

Are you currently faced with a staffing challenge?

If you’re looking to increase your headcount and need information about the best way to do it, contact Contemporary Staffing Solutions! We create innovative strategies with the goal of exceeding your expectations. To learn more about how we can help your business, contact one of our experienced team members today.