Telltale Signs You’re Interviewing Your Next Top Call Center Employee

Interviews are tricky for hiring managers. After all, they are manufactured conversations. In some cases, stress can cause candidates to act nervous. In other cases, people who may not be great workers manage to put on a stellar performance in the hot seat. In customer service, however, it is imperative that you hire people with a strong work ethic who are enthusiastic, who believe in your products and services, and who will make customers feel comfortable. Here are five telltale signs that you’ve got your next call center agent sitting in the interview chair

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One: Tenacity

Effective call center agents are tenacious. They don’t give up in the face of a difficult problem, and even if a solution is not possible, they still search for remedies that will keep the customer relationship intact. As you interview potential candidates, ask questions that point to the tenacity of their approach to service.


Two: Idea Generation

Nobody knows how to improve customer service better than those on the front lines. An exceptional agent isn’t afraid to present new ideas to managers. Candidates who offer anecdotes about times when they had a great idea and presented a great idea – even if that idea wasn’t accepted – show excellent promise.


Three: Initiative

Initiative can be difficult for call center professionals who may have worked in environments where they were forced to stick to talk tracks and scripts. However, look for signs that even under stifling circumstances, someone was willing to pick up a ball and run with it without being asked.


Four: Energy

You cannot teach enthusiasm, and in an industry where you work with frustrated customers all day, it can be difficult to maintain a positive attitude.  If you find a candidate that is high energy, positive, and truly enthusiastic about delivering great service, don’t let them go.


Five: A Belief in the Customer Experience

In customer service, no rep can guarantee a solution on every call. What they can guarantee, however, is a great customer experience. Ask questions that will uncover how much a potential new agent values creating fantastic experiences, regardless of the circumstances.


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