How to Steamline Your Hiring Process

Streamlining your hiring process may seem like a big goal to tackle for 2014, but it can have amazing results. In a recent survey by CIO Insight, they found that companies who have some aspect of their hiring process automated can expect their new hires to reach their performance milestones at a better rate than at companies who do things the old fashioned way. Not only that, but year to year, companies with streamlined hiring systems can expect to pay about 2% less in hiring costs, compared to 4% more for companies who don’t. Companies with automated hiring processes retain their workers, too, at a rate of almost 90% and 87% of the people that they hire were their top choice. Here’s what you need to do to start seeing these same results at your company:

Outline things as they are now.
Imagine that you’re a candidate applying for a job with your organization. Make a list, step by step, of what you must do, starting with where you would find a job opening and ending with filling out hiring paperwork and completing orientation. Once it’s all laid out on paper, it’s often easy to find room for improvement. Are the steps in a logical order? Are too many people involved in the process? Could you give fewer people more responsibilities to make things easier?

Get your papers in order. 
A big part of the hiring process is having a candidate complete paperwork. Do you have a hiring packet ready, or do you have to thumb through several different files to find a W-2, a health insurance form, and the template for a new name badge? Gathering all of the necessary intake paperwork and having at least one copy ready for the next person who joins your team is a great timesaver. It also looks more organized to hand someone a prepared file than to be run around trying to track things down.

Make automation your friend. 
Technology can make the hiring process much easier. Whether it’s a program that discards resumes from unqualified candidates, a screening system that administers personality tests, or a way to manage your relationship with your candidates through social media, think about ways you can work smarter, not harder.

Working with a top technical recruiter is another great way to streamline your hiring process. At Contemporary Staffing Solutions, finding you great people for your team is our job, and letting us do that gives you more time to do your job. Contact us today to get started with one of our staffing specialists!