Stop Making These Common Resume Mistakes!

resumeCan a mistake on your resume prevent you from getting a job? Absolutely. In fact, the fastest way to put yourself out the running for a position is to submit a flawed resume. Obviously, resumes that are rife with typos will get screened out immediately, as will resumes that do not match up to the position. But there are several other lesser-known, yet quite common resume mistakes that you should avoid if you want to make a good first impression.


Your Resume Is Too Long

Try to keep your resume to no more than two pages, even if you have extensive consulting experience or you’ve been in the field 20 years. Strategically edit your past experience to showcase the most relevant information. This may be difficult, but hiring managers simply do not have the time to read through long resumes that list every responsibility at every position you’ve ever held.


Your Resume Is Too Wordy

Resumes should not be comprised of densely worded paragraphs. Most hiring managers read through resumes quickly, scanning for relevant skills and terms. Bullets and lists make it easy for them to spot your best qualities, fast.


You Omit An Objective

Companies are looking for people with staying power, and they need to make sure that your goals and their goals align. Some people omit objective statements for fear of limiting themselves, but a far better approach is to tailor your objective to each job opportunity to showcase what you bring to the table.


You Reference Your References

Don’t waste valuable resume real estate listing out your references. You can also leave off the old, “References available upon request.” Hiring managers know you will provide them if and when you are asked.


You Don’t Quantify Your Achievements

Add numbers, dollars, or percentages to your resume wherever possible. For example, instead of saying, “Responsible for delivering projects on time and on budget,” say, “Achieved 99% on-time product delivery, at an average 10% below project budget.” Just make sure you can verify your claims.


Your Resume Is Never “Finished”

You should tailor your resume to the position, making sure to highlight your most relevant skills each time. You’ll never get anywhere, however, if you are constantly reworking the entire document. Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis. Develop a strong resume and use that framework each time. You can’t get a job if your resume never makes if out of the draft stage.


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