Stay Social: Leveraging Social Networks to Find Talent for Your Organization

Social media may not rank high in the concerns of many accounting and financial professionals, but it should. Using sites like LinkedIn and Twitter can be incredibly valuable in helping you find new candidates for your business. However, using them professionally and effectively is key to finding good candidates in the social media world.

Social Media NetworksKeep Updating

A common failure among social media users is neglecting to update your profiles for the purpose of engaging new candidates. Any time you get a new job title, complete a major new project or even move office locations, update your profile, says Forbes. You can also post quick tweets as well, which will help keep your profile active and in the minds of those who are following you and possibly considering employment with you. Simple posts like “Completed the big project today,” accented with work related hashtags, or mentions tagging coworkers, colleagues, or even your client – if it’s not a conflict or a sensitive project – can be a great little boost.

Beyond keeping your own personal data updated, publishing updates on current employment opportunities and other news from your company is a great way to show potential candidates the culture of your company. Use a link to the pertinent location on your site for prospective applicants or where you’ve been published, and add a brief note to describe the post. Share it through your social networks – LinkedIn and Twitter, of course, but also Facebook or other social sites like Google Plus can be effective as well – and see how new applicants or your view count rise.

Engage With Others

Lastly, be an active participant in social media to help get noticed and stay in contact with your network. Beyond publishing updates of your own, engage others on their updates. Did a LinkedIn connection get a new job or celebrate a work anniversary? Congratulate them. See a good post shared on Twitter or Facebook? Like it, share it and/or retweet it or add a comment. Not only will you help develop a better rapport with your own followers, other people who follow will also see that you’ve engaged, and may seek you out as a new connection as well. Actively participating in social networks is the cornerstone of what makes them a great way to, well, network, so don’t neglect participating in the conversations. You never know – that simple repost or comment could lead you to your next great employee!

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