So You’re Managing A Geographically Dispersed Sales Team?

Getting promoted into sales management is an exciting milestone. It can also be a bit scary, especially if you’re going to be managing a team that is spread out across the country, or even across continents. Managing geographically dispersed teams is much different than managing a local team of reps who work in close proximity. Something as simple as chasing down a report can take on a whole new meaning if your sales pros are thousands of miles away. Here are some actionable strategies you can use to stay organized, stay in touch, and stay on top of your remote sales team.

Taking Advantage of Technology

“Mobile technology and cloud connectivity have facilitated the growth of remote sales teams. However, sales managers of today who helm virtual teams must have a firm grasp of that technology and how it can and should be leveraged for success.” Says Marybel DiScala, CSS Marketing Project Manager.

The technology that a sales team uses should have a few important features. It should be easy to use, so that reps can enter data quickly and efficiently, even while on the road. It should update in real time so that you, as the sales manager, can keep a close eye on where things stand throughout the month, and it should be easy to generate reports, preferably through simple dashboards and one-click options. Most importantly, it should be accessible from any device so that reps have no excuse for failing to enter data or update their client files in a timely fashion.

Facilitate A Performance-Driven Team Culture

Traditional offices have a certain “feel” about them. There are phones ringing in the background, people hustling and bustling about, teammates needling each other in a friendly way about their numbers, and the monthly leader-board is displayed for all to see. Remote sales teams don’t have that energy to feed off of, and they can lose some of their competitive drive if they don’t really know the other people on the team.

It is essential that as a sales manager you go out of your way to build a performance-driven culture that transcends geography.  Sales performance software keeps everyone alerted to their progress throughout the month, and keeps them tuned into the progress of others so that they can see where they stand in relation to their peers.  This type of technology can help you reinforce behaviors that lead to success and motivate the team to engage in the healthy competition you typically find in an office environment.

Hire The Right People From Day One

Even if you are a skilled and talented manager and you deploy the best tools at your disposal, your team will only be as good as its weakest links. If you don’t have a strong team in place, you can’t expect to lead them to success. That means hiring the right people with the skills and the drive to succeed.

If you are looking for new ways to attract and retain top salespeople who can help you achieve revenue goals, the expert recruiters at CSS can help. Contact us today to learn more about the ways in which we can help grow, build and expand your team – and your bottom line.

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