Six Communication Tips that Will Get You the Job… and Get You a Promotion!

Advancing your career is about more than achieving degrees, gathering experience and growing your skills. People who move up the ladder all have one very important trait in common outside of their experience: They interview well. No matter how strong a resume you may have, a bad interview will tank your chances of taking the next step. Interviewers want to know that the person they hire or promote is capable, confident, and professional.  Here are some communication tips to help you get the job or promotion you are eyeing.


One: Own The Room

Charismatic people own every room they walk into. They command attention, hold attention and leave people wanting more. Learning to own a room takes a bit of practice, and you must take care not to come off as arrogant. Start with excellent posture, a bright expression and make good eye contact with the people you speak to.


Two: Demonstrate Emotional Intelligence

If you have the ability to make other people feel like you understand them and value them – even when you disagree – you have high emotional intelligence (EQ.) You can demonstrate EQ through your listening skills, eye contact, ability to empathize, and making others feel positive in your presence.


Three: Show Positive Assertiveness

Assertiveness, the art of standing behind your position in a calm and positive way, is an important trait for any candidate, whether you’re new to the company or seeking a promotion.  You may be asked questions in your interview that allow you to showcase your assertiveness when asked about past challenges on the job.


Four: Exude a Public Speaking Presence

You may not be in line for a job that demands a great deal of public speaking, but all employees at all levels find themselves addressing groups in meetings. Show confidence and poise in every interaction. Speak clearly and enunciate, use inflection strategically and pause at critical moments to let your points sink in.


Five:  Show A Sense of Humor

Business is serious, but a sense of humor is an important communication trait to have. You don’t have to be hilariously funny all the time, but know when to laugh with others and knowing when to make an appropriate, humorous comment shows you are a strong communicator and conversationalist. Most importantly, be able to laugh at yourself.  Interviewers who have fun with you will like you, and people hire people they like.


Six: Conquer Nonverbals

Often times what you don’t say in a conversation is more important than what you do say. Your nonverbal cues like posture, facial expressions, eye contact and gesticulation should always align with the message you are trying to send.


Becoming a good interviewee takes time and practice.  A professional recruiter will work closely with you to ensure you are able to communicate effectively, and offer constructive feedback on your interview skills. If you are ready to move your career forward this year, reach out to the recruiting experts at CSS today.