Six Common Project Management Mistakes (And How to Fix them)

By: Moira Alexander 

Executing team projects seldom occur without blockages. There are a multitude of measures that can be taken to ensure a project’s success, a necessary one, acknowledging the areas of potential failure. Before heading into a project on a blindly optimistic path to perfection, take a step back and wonder: How could this go wrong and what can my team do to prevent it? Alexander outlines six steps you and your team can take to reduce the potential of project failure while highlighting ways to improve your overall execution and outcome.  

Consider taking the following measures before commencing your project: 

Establish objectives. 

It is important to understand and consider companywide goals before beginning your project. Will the outcome align with the goals and beliefs we put forth in our mission statement? How will this advance us towards that goal? Make certain that your project meets these standards by identifying goals and outlining them with company executives, ensuring everyone is on the same page.  

Seek out sponsorship. 

Assign a sponsorship role to someone who will keep the project in check, keeping it on a steady path towards your established objective. This person can be any member of the project, providing he or she is able to keep communication open and provide necessary leadership guidance to every department.  

Plan accordingly. 

If a project team chooses to skip over the planning stage, it puts the entire project at risk. Without taking time to determine resources and weigh various options, you may jump into a project that otherwise could have been executed much more effectively.  

Keep methodologies in check. 

Utilize your sponsor to establish a standard of management and execution. Keeping everyone on the same page and instituting standard methodologies that align with everyone’s capabilities will promote cohesive production and positive results.  


Avoid build-up of frustration and confusion by instilling an open and receptive discussion environment. Not only should the sponsor act as open ears for all, but all members of the team should be encouraged to promote a safe space for all to feel comfortable voicing concerns.  

Obtain the right tools. 

The project will not be accomplished without the proper tools and software needed to complete it. When planning and allocating you resources, take the time to assess different options to determine which will promote the greatest possible outcome.  

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