Salesforce: What Can We Expect From the King of CRM

Salesforce has long been regarded the King of CRM. It has many ongoing challengers for the title including SAP, Microsoft and Adobe, but with 43% market share and growth that outpaces the market, Salesforce is not likely to be dethroned any time soon. So what can we expect from the King of CRM in the near future?

Salesforce Will Continue To Get Smarter

Salesforce put a lot of money and resources into Einstein over the last several years and as Einstein continues to get more integrated within the platform, its capabilities will grow exponentially. Companies will be able to leverage data to help teams identify patterns that can be used to close more deals and follow up with the right contacts at the right times. As early adopters begin to publish case studies and success stories with Einstein, more businesses will likely begin to hop on board to start taking advantage of these new benefits and best practices.

Salesforce Lightning Will Get Bigger

Salesforce Lighting will facilitate faster and more efficient custom application development. As Lightning continues to improve over time, it will reduce the need for developers to write code. Essentially, developers will be able to “snap” together functionalities without having to spend weeks integrating a new custom app into the platform.

Watch For Blockchain To Emerge

Blockchain was just a theoretical approach to secure money transfers not that long ago, but companies like Visa have begun to deploy blockchain in its transaction management, which is making other large companies take notice. Many experts predict that Salesforce, which is always innovating and always leading new trends, will incorporate blockchain capabilities into its platforms at some point in the very near future.

The Future For Salesforce Developers

Salesforce has been investing heavily in the growth and education of its developers, and this trend will likely continue. Trailhead, the Salesforce self-learning tool, was launched in 2017 and it will continue to grow as they get feedback from developers on what works within Trailhead, what doesn’t, and what types of knowledge developers want to see in the future.

Additionally, Salesforce DX will change the way developers code within the platform. Gaurav Kheterpal, Salesforce MVP and speaker, recently made this prediction about Salesforce DX:

[Salesforce DX is} a powerful fully featured developer platform with source control & continuous delivery capabilities. When coupled with Heroku, Salesforce DX could turn out to be a game changer for the company in this segment and put it in direct competition with the likes of giants such as Amazon Web Services.

As Salesforce continues to grow its capabilities, career opportunities will also grow. Demand is rising for skilled developers who can help companies get the most out of their CRM, and with Salesforce’s ever-expanding customization options, a strong internal development team will be crucial for ensuring that Salesforce can help drive growth.

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